Published On: Thu, Sep 7th, 2017

Curacao’s promotion in the tv series “Narcos”

Arthur DonkerEverybody's upset, the newspapers are full of it and everybody is offended because Curaçao was portrayed in the tv series "Narcos" as a money laundering paradise where yachts full of cash would sail in to get laundered.

Everybody is yelling that it's bad publicity for our rock because it's not true!

Why are we such hypocrites knowing that it's true?

Don't forget ALL publicity is publicity it does not matter if it's good or bad, it's publicity!

Curaçao was always known as a smuggler's paradise and many folks got filthy rich by smuggling not only liquor but also cigarettes before drugs became popular.

Boats used to sail heavily loaded to, so called, export whiskey and cigarettes to Venezuela and paid no import duties, took to the sea only to drop the load off in Banda Bou to be delivered to customers that placed their orders in advance.

Then they went fishing for a couple of hours only to laugh afterward all the way to the bank.

No Coast Guard, no control, no Customs, BAB or MEO, nada nada!

What would you say to all the Off Shore business that were making tons of money till Holland put a stop to it.

I know somebody who was making 25.000 guilders a day that is living now in Trinidad because these guys found a tax loophole in our tax system thanks to the Godfather of the Off Shore business

Mr. Smeets.

Then came the drug trade, smaller in volume, incredible profit margins and then their eyes opened up and suddenly everybody was in the drug trade and the junk came in by truck loads into our many public beaches, inlets, and secluded mini beaches.

Nothing strange if the brother of a political figure was arrested in his mansion at Spanish Waters with 600 kilos of coke in his home or that the son of another political figure was arrested for drugs.

The drug trade is simply the easiest and fastest way to get rich fast with a small chance of getting caught.

As always we chase after the facts too late and came up with body scanners at Hato, 100% control at Schiphol's airport and don't forget MOT (suspicious money transfers) because a drug dealers biggest problem is to get rid of cash or hide it from the tax authorities.

A prime minister with 50 MOT transactions is normal here, forget those that really have tons of money to hide.

They hide it in cash generating business like Car Washes, apartment complexes, hair salons, car rental companies.

You start a car wash put a minimum wage there, pay all the social premiums and taxes and bring thousands every day to the bank because business is booming even if the guy hadn't washed one single car all day long and was scratching his butt all day.

No receipt, no sales tax, no 3000 guilder cash register of BAB, nada nada.

When the tax authorities decided to check the amount of water used against the income of the business everybody stopped washing cars.

Then came the car rental companies, the same thing, business is booming!

They rather pay taxes over the money they bring to the bank than paying some professional money launderer 30 to 40% commission.

Casino's are also a way of laundering money, just prove to me that I did not win that money in the casino!

I give you 100.000 guilders cash in return for a casino cheque of 80.000 guilders, I was super lucky that day, prove that it isn't so!

And now we get all excited about 30 seconds of a tv series about drug dealers and money laundering showing images of Curaçao.

I keep laughing on this rock because we are all holier than the pope in the meantime we do everything that God forbids but the outside world is not supposed to know that!

 By Arthur Donker

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