Published On: Fri, Oct 12th, 2012

Dialogue Curacao 3.0 = App Curacao 3.0 = virtual

The interim government will begin with a national dialogue. Good thing. Don’t shut down everything for a dialogue though. We know what should be done. It is not the first attempt to establish a national dialogue. I hope that the dialogue is of our time and not something of the past century.

There are multiple factors that can be looked at: the process of dialogue and the contents. About the content I can be brief. We cannot repair current systems. It involves setting up a new system 3.0. Ok, the past must be given a place, but it comes to the future. And goes to the values and standards 3.0.

As regards to the procedure it’s as follows. Again to sit with many groups in a room, is outdated. Many people don’t want this anymore. I advocate a virtual dialogue via a website, social media and an app. It has many advantages: the dialogue takes place 24/7. It is equally recorded. We can now say, students and experts abroad are involved. And we think and act alike at the level 3.0.

But we have not skipped a few steps? Shouldn't we rehabilitate, for the dialogue, the many experts who have been brutally put aside? I cannot imagine the future of Aqualectra without, the deposed management. They could also bring in their expertise. Should not there be an attempt of reconciliation between the perpetrators and the victims?

Let's continue with the 3.0 discussion.

Written by Dr. Miguel Goede
Public Administration, politic Science 


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