Published On: Mon, Feb 2nd, 2015

Doing the white thing

Jacob Gelt DekkerThe ghost of a murdered leading politician haunts Curacao; emotions are upstaging intellect.

Last week, the Curacao Court of Appeals heard the case of the Helmien Wiels’ assassination and reconsidered the verdicts made by a lower court of three assailants. Of the five criminals---three alive and two dead and all local Yu di Korsou--- none seem to fit the crime. The public was yearning to put enemies of Wiels’ Pueblo Soberano-State on trial, not their own off- shoot.

No matter how industrious and painstakingly the Public Prosecutor did his investigative work, in the eyes of the PS-public, the Courts remained the “ White thing”, and White man’s law was based on the biases of the once central powerful colonial class.

When Helmien Wielsput Afro-Caribbean in the center of island politics, he made it his daily mission to marginalize island minorities. In loud, brazen rhetoric Wielsdemonized them all. Thus, the Dutch became colonial slave traders, who had to be killed and sent home in body bags. Italian immigrants were all Sicilian Mafia bosses; Chinese and Hindu shop keepers, bloodsucking leeches, and black, European educated intellectuals, black Jet set collaborators. His PS-party comrade Raveneau even started a crusade against homosexuals. By all means the enemies of Wiels totalitarian, Afro Caribbean utopiawere the minorities, who supposedly exploited and corrupted the island for centuries and were the very cause of all evil and mishap. The PS-public wanted to see the enemies of the PS-State in the docket, facing real justice.

But none came to pass. The Wiels’ assassination was committed by local narco gangsters and had all the markings of a coke deal gone awry. PS- loyalists kept alive the fantasy of all mighty “ intellectual” assailants behind the scenes, who paid astronomical amounts of money for the contract. Most elaborate conspiracy theories were concocted, just to accommodate the idealistic Wiels dream reality, inclusive enemies of the State.

But Wiels’ utopia deconstructed itself in a hail of bullets. The dominant structure in the center of Afro Caribbean culture is not Africanism but the narco industry. Narco terror rules.

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