Published On: Thu, Jul 26th, 2018

Economic Insight: Looking at efforts the find a strategic partner for Insel Air in a wider context

InselAir MDICuracao, the Caribbean for that matter, is heavily reliant on tourism for its economic health. The vast majority of tourists arriving travel by air. Supporting air connectivity is therefore a vote for a prosperous future.

This is not a textbook exercise. The impact of (a new) air service is grounded in reality. It gives small businesses—bars, restaurants, shops, tour operators, dive and other sea sports operators, airports, b&bs, hotels, etc, etc—the tools to thrive. It gives individuals a job and the means to pay their bills.

And it’s not just about money either. In an increasingly globalized world, air connectivity enables friends and family to hug each other; it enables ideas and understanding to be exchanged between cultures. It is a social glue.

Curacao therefore should not be underestimating the potential of air connectivity. Rather, they should be providing a regulatory environment that allows airlines to unlock the true potential of the island, and of the people living in it.

Curacao needs to review its policies and put in place a robust platform for aviation growth. One that explains why this is so desirable, backed up by figures and analysis.

Air connectivity is an enabler. It can enrich the future for a government or an individual. But in order to capitalize on this potential, government jointly with other stakeholders, should for once and for all present a policy, a blue print of you will, for maximizing the social and economic value of aviation for the island. Curacao cannot simply continue to go about with issue, haphazardly like we have done thus far.

But in the absence of such, we should nevertheless take the above into account, as we go about formulating our individual views with respect to the ongoing efforts to find Insel a so much needed strategic partner.

By 'An Observer'

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