Published On: Thu, Apr 5th, 2018

Festive St Elisabeth hospital

hospitalA few weeks ago I was at the first aid of the Elisabeth hospital around 10 o'clock in the evening. Some booths were occupied; a child was crying horribly, an older man was so nervous that he had to talk loudly and next to us there was a man who was not really in a good mood either.

At one point it seemed that a party was going on and the nurses and attending physicians were so busy with their party that apparently we were all forgotten. The hours passed and what was noticeable was that there was a lot of noise outside from those people who were in pain.

And then days later I see a selfie the Facebook page from that same hospital where a nice group had to share their fun! Then I think; where did the respect and mission of these people go in that hospital? If one has to shout above everything and have fun, make selfies while there are people with terrible pains around you. Are you still humane in this hospital?

A hospital can be old, but it is dirty, it is failing in its job and if the nursing staff also takes care of parties, it is time for the management and staff to be fired. We need this hospital to go back again to basics; Help sick people with respect.

By John H Baselmans-Oracle

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