Published On: Mon, Oct 3rd, 2016

Flip-flop nationalism

Jacob Gelt DekkerWith national elections only a few days ago, a little reflection on the island’s 10-10-10 -autonomy referendum is inevitable.

“Nationalism remains the most potent ideological force in modern politics (Allan Silver, Colombia University).“

But the island’s eagerness to shrug off colonialism flip-flopped into the opposite, bondage by a totally lawless and ruthless narco-industry.

Public boredom and frivolity turned political ideology-meetings into carnivalesque and alcoholic beach outings. Curacao, once drenched in all its details of social, political and economic life in Catholicism, eagerly sought secular liberation and feasted drunkenly on such ambitions. Political ideology became entertainment, led by a “Moses” who was leading his People out of imaginary 20th –century colonial slavery.

As we all know, it finished up in a bloodbath, and the island turned into a playground for the gangsters of the Narco industry. Diligently, thousands of narco soldiers celebrate masses at their churches to bewitch the positive outcome of their courier runs, turning what once was holy, into a caricature “insurance policy.”

So the new nation became the prison of its liberators, where the once so well intended leaders, are now lame duck by-standers. But yielding to the game of the worst opportunists is preferred over-loss-of-face, pretense rules.

All polls indicate that the laurels of victory will go to convicted criminals and their likes. The liberators of 10-10-10 turned the once they hoped to defeat, in for a far worse reality.

Since the chips have been dealt already, why vote at all?

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