Published On: Thu, May 21st, 2015

Gay marriage

gay-marriage-cakeFriday May the 22nd, Ireland will become the first country around the world to adopt same sex marriage through a popular vote.

Voters will be asked to approve this marriage without distinction as to their sex.

If the change takes place gays and lesbians will be giving the right to civil marriage but not to be wed in a church, it’s a more liberal thinking over conservative traditional one.

Catholic groups are opposing such change; they consider it a threat to the concept of the traditional family.

The Irish church urged voters to consider this very carefully, and to bear in mind its implications on the union between a man and a woman and that same sex marriage is against the nation’s understanding of parenthood, it can redefines the family concept and put out a child’s right to a mother or a father, and it can also introduce same sex text books into the school’s curriculum.

Although Ireland is a conservative catholic country, the authority of the Catholic Church has been undermined recently by scandals from the abuse of children by priests to abusive regimes at church run institutions; therefore it has no longer the same moral force it once had.

This vote only affects the Republic of Ireland; gay marriage is legal in the UK but not in Northern Ireland.

Around the world and in the United States there are 37 states with legal same sex marriage and 13 states with a ban.

Netherlands, portugel, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Iceland and many others have approved same sex marriage.

LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, Transgender) rights exercised in the Netherlands are recognized in Curacao even though this autonomous country has not a reputation as an all inclusive destination for LGBT due to its cultural traditions and religious practices.

By  Reina Sankari © 2015 for Curaçao Chronicle


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