Published On: Mon, Aug 7th, 2017

Go to work!!!!!

dekker_0The lucky ones, who win the jackpot in the lottery, immediately quit their jobs and enjoy consumption or even super consumption. The winners become none productive.

When Venezuela announced to the world that it had the largest oil and gas reserves in the world and was sitting on a giant treasure trove when the price was the US $ 80-120 per barrel, Venezuela stopped producing, just like any jackpot winner.

Hugo Chavez started giant consumption programs for the poor. Subsidies for all kind of social activities, free housing, and medical care sounded much like the " Den Uyl- disease of the Netherlands in the 1970s. Productivity went down, way down. Why work hard to grow your food if you can just buy it on the world market?

Venezuela went from a food exporting to a food importing country. It did not take long before 70% of all domestic consumption came from imports. Venezuela, once the shining star of productivity in South America, became a lazy land of consumerism.

The money ran out when the bottom dropped out of the oil market. At US $ 40-50 per barrel and an extraction cost of US $ 35-40, very little or no money can be made. Venezuela's consumerism halted, and poverty spread. The weak government printed money for a while until it became worthless paper. It had no new tricks up its sleeves, other than going back to the country and start farming.

For Venezuela, the only way to get back to normalcy is to go back to work and produce again. Venezuela has the know-how and experience to be an exporter again and to feed its people.

Whether Maduro or his opposition is in charge, makes very little difference, marching down the street, day after day, and week after week does not produce anything eatable.

The predicted flood of thousands of refugees has not materialized; many Venezuelans seem to cope with shortages, one way or another. Yes, they make a lot of noise, but they also deal with the new reality.  It is a vast country, where every one of the  29 million inhabitants could have his plot for food production.

But before Venezuelans get to that, they first go through phases of clandestine dealings in black markets, armed robbery, and murder.

Do not forget; it only takes 3-6 months to grow a food crop.

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