Published On: Wed, May 14th, 2014


Jacob Gelt Dekker

How the Wiels-murder mystery will unravel is still wide open to speculations. After one suspect was brutally slaughtered by his co-conspirators, and another killed himself, police is still at a total loss as to who ordered the hit.

Politicians and Wiels-family members are riding out the yearlong uncertainty to settle personal scores, or to advance their personal agendas.   Although the murder victim was eulogized as a champion of anti-corruption, in the absence of a Last Will, Wiels’ political legacy and his remnants of power are claimed by nepotism--- an estranged sister in The Netherlands and a brother on the island--- and cronyism.

Deadly fear paralyzed many on the island, especially his direct followers. No one speaks out in public. Wiels’ Members of parliament obtained permits to carry side arms and sponsoring-businessman hired bodyguards.

A  paparazzi frenzy, filled with wild speculations, sold record number of newspapers, and Internet social media experienced a bonanza of growth.

Finally, last March, Monster, an alleged assailant, ranted out his surviving gang members, in exchange for custody in a safe haven in Europe.  The Courts diverted the case, set for May, till a later date, and matters were kept so very obscure that many doubts if it will ever become public.

In the meantime, sister-Wiels was exposed, by investigative journalism, as a fraud. Her aggressive reactions towards the journalist added insult to injury, and what remains of the Wiels-lady’s credibility is no more than that of a beneficiary riding the government’s gravy train of the politician’s estate.

Brother-Wiels, who is not on speaking terms with his sister, or any of the deceased political party members, started his own political party in his dead-brother’s honor. The concept may appeal to some local necrophiliacs, but this voice from the grave may only spook the island at Halloween; it was a non-starter. So, for our very eyes, the Wiels-dynasty, made up of nepotism, is crumbling into dust.

Many know the name(s) of the ultimate culprit(s) who put out the murder contract on H. Wiels.  The mere knowledge turned deadly already for two of the assassins, and a third one is hiding for his life somewhere in a secret location in Europe. Who is keeping it under wraps is a guess.

But the secrecy continues to go hand in hand with a paralyzed society, an economy in decline, and a government dead in stormy waters.

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