Published On: Tue, Mar 10th, 2015

Homophobic monks of Curacao

dekker_0Last week, a former minister took out his anger over a DUI-arrest by demonizing Norman Sephros, the press secretary of the Prosecutor’s Office. The press secretary was marginalized as a degenerate for his sexual preferences.

With homophobic derogatory remarks, the former minister joined the ranks for several Members of Parliament, Commissioners and Ministers who consistently bash people of, and beyond, the island community, who prefer same sex partners.

Curacao citizens with same sex preferences are, in the eyes of these political leaders, exceptional aberrations and should be considered “ non-human”, more of less like harmful germs who should be exterminated as soon as possible. The ethics and morality underlying this kind of attitude is in stark contrast to The Constitution of the autonomous nation state of Curacao. The Constitution guarantees equal rights (and respect) to all, indifferent of sexual preferences.

Reluctance to accept morality as something invented by societies leads to delusions that divine entities, or mythological origins defined universal and absolute ethics. If “The Great Tokoloshee pronounced that same sex partnerships are wrong, and therefore those who practice such affaires are degenerates.” On Curacao, political leaders call on their Christian culture as ethical excuse for discriminatory behavior. They conveniently forget that Christian-religion’s first rule is the reciprocity rule, ”always treat others as you would like them to treat you.” Their Jesus Christ even went far beyond reciprocal morality by preaching,” You have to do good deeds to those who have done you no good at all.”

It is a very inconvenient truth to Curacao’s politicians that morality does not come from supernatural sources but from earthly people, from the very own Curacao community. So, the eagerness of some of Curacao’s politicians to burn heretics on the stake, for whatever fake ethical reason, is rather a reflection of their own evil and criminal minds.

Mutually consensual sexual relationships of whatever kind are a human privilege of all, and do not hurt, or harm a single person. The right and entitlement to entertain such relationships are deeply imbued in our humanitarian society and legal system. Therefore the behavior of the former minister and his consorts is not only unethical but also straight out criminal and should be prosecuted. A society that respects itself and others cannot continue to condone such attitude and behavior.

Can there be found a Prosecutor and a Judge on the island who are ready to stand up for the marginalized and discriminated?

By Jacob Gelt Dekker, opinion columnist for Curaçao Chronicle.

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