Published On: Tue, Sep 12th, 2017


dekker_0Tesla owners, with US $ 100,000 or more luxury cars, gave up, within one hour after the onset of the hurricane in the Florida Keys, where I have been a resident for 35 years.

They lost out to traditional fossil fuel vehicles with gas-supply, all along Route One, from Key West all the way up the Keys to Miami.

Electricity is still extremely fickle, and battery stored electricity is a primitive scam, especially in times of emergency. Solid fossil fuel in a jerry can enable anyone to carry out long distance expeditions, bad weather bad, or sunshine does not matter. The world presently consumes about 90-95 million barrels per day, at a cost, cheaper than anything else in the world of energy. The supply is for at least a hundred years to go.

Last week, environmentalist lost every way and fashion with climate warming claims. Irma was not more than the 1935 Labor Day hurricane. See Wikipedia.

The 1935 Labor Day Hurricane was the most intense hurricane to make landfall in the United States on record. The second tropical cyclone, second hurricane, and second major hurricane of the 1935 Atlantic hurricane season, the Labor Day Hurricane was the first of three Category 5 hurricanes to strike the United States at that intensity during the 20th century (the other two being 1969's Hurricane Camille and 1992's Hurricane Andrew). After forming as a weak tropical storm east of the Bahamas on August 29, it slowly proceeded westward and became a hurricane on September 1.

Statistically, intensity and frequency have not increased over a period of one hundred years, rather, if anything, decreased.

The big question is, has climate changed or did we just witness a run-of-the-mill event?? The answer depends on your political affiliation, your faith. Climate change has become a religion, not a science. Sustainability is in every possible marketing phrase of every product, no matter how delusional.

Hysterical perception of environmental change and the role of human activity with it has changed public perception.

Justified or not, people are going to be more aware, and make consumer related decision accordingly. Consumption has a strong propensity towards environmentalism. Which means, that in your marketing, you better be Green. The public is ready to pay the premium, and retailers are eager to cash in.

I do not know, whether climate change is fact or fiction; too many eastern European former totalitarian communists and their sympathizers pushed that envelope, hoping to regain full and total control. I do not trust their assertions.

I do not trust those who are making political spin from sunken ships; hurricane obliterated towns and villages, and religious delusions.

Let us get to work, clean up the mess and restart our lives.

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