Published On: Tue, Aug 1st, 2017

I am Tula’s child!

Arthur DonkerI walk into the little Chinese take-out place, there is this dried-out alcoholic figure sitting in a corner observing me carefully with his bloodshot eyes and says in Papiamento: " Jesus, your legs are really white!" and I thought that I would have a chance with the Latina señoritas hanging around in there with my Adidas short, here I am being noticed by a drunk dried-out father of 7 little bastards.

I could not let it go and answered: "I can't help it, it's my race, bet you can't do that!"

All of a sudden the guy lit up like a Christmas tree and his eyes were the size of Heineken caps and yelled: " What do you mean by that?" and I answered that I meant exactly what I said that he could never in his life get white legs like mine.

Suddenly a whole discussion started about Tula, (Curacao's freedom fighter), the "Makambas (Dutch) Juan Luis Guerra ( Dominican pop star) Gerrit Schotte's sentence, Piet Hein and the silver fleet (Dutch slave merchant) and of course that I definitely had to go back to wherever I came from, because I obviously didn't belong here.

When I said that I was more Curaçaoan than his hero Tula, that Tula was the first illegal Haitian they imported, he turned, for as far as he could, white.

He did not understand it, especially when I told him to go study his own history and then to come back.

Of course he had to involve my mother in this discussion because it seem here that when you lose a discussion you have to turn personal and cause as much hurt as possible on a personal level to your opponent.

I keep laughing on this rock, because I and my ancestors were born and raised here even before Geronimo could pee straight and I don't understand my own "Yu di Korsow" (Curaçaoan)

By Arthur Donker

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