Published On: Mon, Nov 10th, 2014

I’m only asking

Arthur DonkerOur police force has a new division and hopefully it will benefit our tourism because it’s called Politur or Police for tourism. During this week there was a cute group photo of that club in the papers and everybody was smiling happily and was forever chiseled on the digitally sensitive plate.
The next day some journalist was asking how it was possible that Politur is registered at the Chamber of Commerce as a business, have a managing director and have their own bank account.

Then I thought, oh yeah, but because of circumstances, I was not able to pursue that any further, till today.

It says in the papers that Politur bought their own Quads with donations from the private sector and that they will be focusing more on Band Bow and hope that in the future to get a larger financial participation from the private sector, especially the Food & Beverage industry, so that in the future they can become an independent police force with their own officers, and equipment, because our current police force has a shortage of personnel and equipment anyway.

Now, I’m a simple person, and have always been taught that if you simplify things, you’ll understand everything, even the Big Bang and the politicians here!

Right away, I asked myself how is it possible that a division of our police force can have their own budget, own resources, own equipment and still form part of our police force while their only responsibility is to answer to their boss / managing director. Isn’t it a conflict of interest?
So, if they are allowed to do that, can I start my own police force tomorrow? Is the government (Minister of Justice) still responsible for them or are they allowed to do what they want because they are still cops and not rent-a-cops.

We saw it in the past the security detail of Gerrit Schotte, when he was still premier, (and still) they used to drive like animals through the streets, behaved like a social wannabe Rambo’s because they were protected and were just one step above a normal cop and did not have to follow the rules because they were superstars!

And now we have some dark outfit that is allowed to do whatever they want and still fall under the minister of justice?
Nowadays, if you’re stopped you don’t know if it’s an overzealous security guard, a junkie with a gun permit, a member of the SKS or a boy scout on his coffee break. They all have a uniform on, are allowed to carry guns and look like they need a shower and have to take a slim fast diet because they all look like our obesitas poster boy minister of Public Health.

I’m afraid that the division of the police force will push us more towards a private police state because if every department is going to be a private business we will be facing big problems. It already started with Politur with their own managing director, resources, equipment, officers and powers. I’m anxious to know what is going to happen.

This is not the first time this idea is tried out, I still remember we had the so called Beach Patrol, sponsored by the CTDB then, with their own jeeps and officers that had to keep an eye on the security of our beaches in Banda Bow, that did not work either, because every time a tourist was robbed let’s say at Santa Cruz the officers just happened to be on some other beach lying under a palm tree tired from the hard work of hitting on a turista!

I keep laughing on this rock because now we have all sorts of little kingdoms within our police force that don’t communicate with each other, that’s why it does not function and now slowly but surely it’s being privatized and we will have to pay in the future to get “Served and protected” because it has become pure business.

In Curacao and in heaven everything is possible, believe me!

By Arthur Donker

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