Published On: Tue, Feb 19th, 2013

In response to your national speech

Government CenterCuracao 02/19/2013

Dear Mr. Hodge

In your national speech last Monday, you asked the people to have faith. Mr. Hodge now I want you to look in a mirror.

1. You sit with your government on chairs without a vote of the people. You are placed there through a dirty political game where the population does not know or had input into. The idea of ​​a business cabinet is not bad but everything was done to the people informing them during the elections. The simple fact is that there is now no democratically elected government in Fort Amsterdam.

2. If we as citizens call you in your Fort, we get an employee on the phone who refuses to speak a language other than Papiamento. As a citizen, I do not need to point out to you that there is an Ordinance; official languages, March 28, 2007, 14.6.2007 (OJ 2007, No. 39) and 10.10.2010 (AB 2010, No. 86 and AB 2010, No. 87). This said, the undersigned quotes, Article 2. The official languages ​​are English, Dutch and Papiamentu. This means that your staff is highly incapable and even, according to me, criminal and discriminatory.

3. If you and your employees, including members of parliament do not even answer letters, faxes or mails about our youth and children, for whatever reason, it is difficult for the undersigned as citizen to believe that you are credible. This course of action attaches directly to a social policy which has been promised for 25 years now but with absolutely no action.

Mr. Hodge, how can undersigned as a citizen of the country Curaçao have confidence in what you do with your own people? If your people, including you, do not answer letters written from the heart and soul. Letters dealing with our youth and children, namely our future. And if your policy covers everything that deals with money and very little about social and nothing about youth, then there is little reason for you and your people to be credible. You think simple purely on money, not to man and the youth. In short, not our future! And that Mr. Hodge is a very serious matter.

You promised the citizens a 'paradise' at the end of your speech. A word that was only air out of your mouth, because you do not know what a paradise is. A paradise is not with money and possessions. A paradise consists of understanding, humanity and love. A paradise "together" for the good to rise and that Mr. Hodge is clearly not your plans nor that of the previous governments. Still the undersigned hopes, as a citizen of country Curaçao, to see something human in politics. Let us hope that democracy will return again on this island. With this letter undersigned hopes to open your eyes not only yours but a large part of the population who has seen little or no benefits at all in your work, and certainly not of the underlying policy. We are people Mr. Hodge, we have no case and certainly no investment papers!

With the most positive energy, the undersigned wish you much wisdom and a friendly greetings from Banda Bou (western side of the island)


John-H: Baselmans Citizen of Curacao

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