Published On: Thu, Dec 17th, 2015


LeonoraI have been in this business for over 25 years. Plenty experience in the challenged airlines (financial) side. I can tell you that what I see on InselAir is a TREND that has BECOME a CULTURE! Meaning, the same occurrences that are happening to this airline, happened to Eastern Airlines (the old one under Frank Lorenzo/Borman), Braniff, Florida Express to name a few.

When financial condition goes South, and trust me, his airline HAS financial issues, one of the affected departments affected are Maintenance and fleet. Add to the fact that the airline is operating 198LATE aircraft, it makes managing all the more challenging. Civil Aviation Curacao should have rang the doorbell (publicly) long time ago. Add to the fact that uncontrolled growth (and I can understand because of desire to quickly increase revenue) of routes is stressing operation and finances. An airline that grows too fast too quickly is disastrous (example: ValueJet).

So, let’s see the operational indicators of a fatal storm approaching: Engine Flameout Miami (this past Sunday/MD80), Cabin Decompression, another engine occurrence (F50/Aruba), and so there were others in the past three months. The public's interest IS NOT being served here, nor on the islands, nor in the US. On the engine flameout in Miami this past Sunday, I had a family member on board. To hear how her heart was stuck in her throat during this emergency is disheartening.

I can understand all the challenges facing InselAir, and God knows I understand their challenges. But the one entity who is really failing the public and operating in a negligent manner, is the Civil Aviation Authority. In the event of a fatality, they will be the deeper pockets in any class action. And there will be one! In my 25 years of professional career in business and investment banking, I have never seen a civil aviation this lax (except for one in Africa I can remember, but then again, they did not have an airline to supervise, and did not have a IASA rating or need for one).

Until further notice, I have prohibited my family members from utilizing the services of this airline on sheer safety concerns. If the Civil Aviation will not act, I will, just in my immediate family.

By Arnold Leonora

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