Published On: Wed, Apr 16th, 2014

Is Alex Rosaria really as stupid as he shows?

Alex RosariaDo you think Alex Rosaria will ever become Prime Minister of Curacao, after Reforma? I bet you that the answer is a convincing NO!!

Politicians such as Alex Rosaria are wicked or merely stupid! They base their decision-making primarily on "hear say" or flat out LIES! With Alex Rosaria there's no process of finding a satisfactory solution via established knowledge and common sense to ease the cognitive load of making a decision.

Alex Rosaria obviously doesn't not have any credibility in the things he says nor in the way he acts! He doesn't even understand that we live in the era of cyber communication, where credibility matters! The gold standard nowadays both of politics and governance is CREDIBILITY! Voters are not persistently credulous anymore.

To claim that TEAM REFORMA has ties with the underworld is just insane! Of course the craziest, most offensive conspiracy theories are circulating on the web. Though this claim is completely nuts, and the FOOL spreading this insane insinuation, is as insane as the day is long. Only fools seem to be comfortable engaging in political ideas that are empirically, provably false and downright insane!

There’s nothing new about conspiracy theories in politics, but the degree to which they have entered mainstream political discourse is shocking and unprecedented. There seem to be no filters remaining to prevent mediocre politicians such as Alex Rosaria, from spreading ludicrous ideas! Somewhere over the past decade or so, the politics of crazy jumped the tin-foil barrier and started to influence the political opinions of ordinary people who are otherwise competent, intelligent and even educated.

Although the politics of paranoia displayed by Alex Rosaria has become a staple in the past few years, it is a mistake to imagine that this is a unique illness of our political right! The Age of Crazy is a product of broad social forces that is affecting our Democracy! Although REFORMA is our only answer at this point in time, we cannot begin to formulate some response until we acknowledge the forces responsible for undermining our political sanity.

Our enthusiasm for politics has less to do with any investment in real outcomes than with a sense of loyalty to a team. Instead of representatives, we are voting into Parliament, we get a colorful collection of entertaining mascots. The actual system does not allow for us to elect trusted characters and listening to their judgment, instead our votes are used to support stupid fools such as Alex Rosaria!

For example, our representatives are free to say anything they want, no matter how stupid, about a subject like REFORMA! The fact of the matter is that the people (voters) have started to believe in REFORMA! What can we do to stem the tide of stupidity lapping at our political foundations? Sign for REFORMA! Let the forces of freedom be our greatest allies in spreading liberty and prosperity.

We don’t need to argue nor fight fools like Alex Rosaria, we just need to support REFORMA in order to introduce new norms and policies, that will save our democracy and political system from so much lunacy.

Perhaps by merely recognizing the nature of this problem we will be taking the first steps toward alleviating its effects. If we were more conscious of the ways that irresponsible discourse impacts our political system, maybe we would take more caution. Simple social pressure against wildly irresponsible claims might bring that critical degree of humility we require in order to maintain open institutions. Perhaps a nation of smart people can have smart government just by figuring how to handle with political garbage such as Alex Rosaria.

By Jorge 'Palu Djo' Sulbaran

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