Published On: Mon, Nov 21st, 2016

ISLA and COT being sold to China

oil refinerySomething is happening on Curaçao and it’s not good. Fast and irresponsible selling out of two major financial pillars, discarding the independence of our two main industries while placing a forty year hold on an important piece of strategic real estate to China means environmental suicide and economic treason. Curaçao has built its presence in the world and her reputation on the back of her geographical location in the Caribbean, her marine industry and her protective status that descends from being part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Curaçao at one time was led by honest leaders. Brilliant statesmanship between the motherland and Curaçao propelled us to a wealthy nation. Local business leaders, their instincts and initiatives excelled. Curaçao is proud to say that these attributes were the back bone of the country.

Here is the bad news. Politicians and their cronies, together with some gullible business people, a naive prime minister and a government under resignation want to break the back bone of our economy, and cripple our competitive strength.

“Kòrsou Promé” is not just a catchphrase. It has fundamental principles. The first one is “Put Curaçao and Yu di Kòrsou’s First”. As a parent, I ask you, who would you put before your family? As a grandparent, I ask you who would you put before your grandchildren? As a Yu di Kòrsou I ask you, would you put another country in charge of our main industries, take possession of our land and harbors and let them destroy our future?

I ask the politician, negotiator and collaborator, “Why do you put the interests of the Chinese before the best interest of Curaçao?” Is there more in it for you? Do you have a stake in the success of the Chinese? Have they painted big dollar signs in your eyes?

Putting another country’s interests before Curaçao’s own, is economic treason and people it is happening right under your own eyes. Werner Wiels, Ben Whiteman, MDPT and a consortium of cronies are selling us out.

What we get is “Short term gain – long term loss”.

I don’t want to be standing in front of you in 3 years’ time, saying I told you so. I don’t want YOU telling me in 3 years’ time, Curaçao has sold her best assets and Curaçao now can no longer compete with the Caribbean tourist market. For that it will be too late.

By Andrés Casimiri

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