Published On: Fri, Apr 20th, 2018

It’s SMOC’s fault!

oil refineryIt’s not the first time that the unions were paid and send by Maduro’s Khmer Rouge in their sponsored red PDVSA shirts to demonstrate on the Wilhelmina Square against the seizure of SMOC and the others. I add the “others” on purpose, because these dumb union leaders think that it’s only about SMOC and forget that there are 26 other people participating in this claim.
Well, SMOC does not have the right color which, makes it easy to play the racial card, because those SMOC people do it for financial gain and to fill their own pockets and to speculate with Isla’s terrain and make billions. Yes they must have a reason to be fighting so ferociously against the Isla right? It cannot only be about the health of the 20.000 people living under the smoke, every day inhaling all that poison, no there must be some other reason and what is better than financial gain over the corpses of the pathetic workers.
Suddenly a poor “has been”, poor excuse for a politician, named Charles Cooper appears, daring to say that the people living downwind from the refinery are “People that don’t love Curacao”.
If there is someone that does not love Curacao it must be him, because he is sacrificing the health of 20.000 people (that don’t love Curacao) to secure the future of his own cleaning company in the Isla plant and THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT!
SMOC has been fighting, if I’m not mistaken, for 15 years already for THE WHOLE POPULATION (including the union members) with their own resources and for 15 years have been wining case after case and the government does not DARE to take action or apply the sanctions as a result of several verdicts. THEY DON’T DARE, because as long as they can fly to Cuba in PDVSA’s private plane and borrow a helicopter from them to impress Dutch politicians by flying full of bravado over Klein Curacao one cannot bite the hand that is feeding one, not even dogs do that!
Let’s not forget the Unions either, because they are the same, PDVSA gave them a beautiful building as a gift and if they want, they can get a beautiful ex miss Venezuela as a secretary to teach them how to type with ten fingers so they can use a keyboard properly.
Of course they’ll do everything possible to kiss Isla’s butt and blame everybody else and will protect the refinery as much as possible, knowing that the end is near even being confronted on a daily basis with top managers that are arrested all over the world because they were caught with their hands in PDVSA’s cookie jar and tankers that were seized or tanker lying offshore waiting for payments that do not come or banks that don’t give loans to employees any more for being afraid that those employees will soon be without a job.
But they forget one thing and that is, there is a bigger blow coming, a group of 70 people “that don’t love Curacao” that are holding Isla responsible for their health issues and the depreciation of their homes and the toxic green tarnish etc. They have exhausted all legal venues here and are, with the help of professors specialized in cases like this, starting a court case in the European Court and will sue not only the PDVSA, the Curacao government and also the Dutch government. There is a big chance that they will win because of serious neglect and violation of human rights because both governments refused to take action despite sentences. And you think that the 75 million was a lot? Hang on to your pelotas, that was peanuts!
I keep laughing on this rock because some 250 pound “Poster boy” for Slim Fast with a hidden agenda claims that 20.000 people that are knowingly being poisoned on a daily basis by the Isla “Do not love Curacao”
By Arthur Donker
* SMOC = Stichting Schoon Milieu Curacao ( Foundation Clean Environment Curacao ) (NGO)

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