Published On: Tue, Mar 25th, 2014

Jesus, I’m coming!

CatholicThat the Catholic church has been in problems for years already is well known, year after year court case after court case about sexual abuse of small children, women, men, parakeets, cows, you name it, it does not stop!

I never trusted a guy walking all day long in a long dress because you never know what he’s hiding underneath, that problem the Americans have in Afghanistan, you think that these guys don’t have anything underneath all of a sudden they pull out an AK-47 and before you know it you’re visiting Allah.

There were popes that tried to convince the followers in the poorest parts of Peru, not to use protection because the church did not allow that, but did not give a solution to these poor souls that can’t even provide for themselves let alone a whole bunch of kids.

And when you think that you’ve heard everything and seen everything, one appears out of the blue with a remark that you say “My God where did he get that from!”

In a Mexican paper there was an article that said that a visiting archbishop (not a small boy in that club) from Grenada, Spain, monseigneur Fransisco Javier Martinez, said to the female followers that oral sex was not a sin as long as they were thinking of Jesus while doing it!

Right away, all these women went to the church to get an axis cross on their forehead because if there is something that can protect you against the evil eye, it’s an axis cross!

I know that theology is not an easy matter, I’m sure of that, but you really must have an I.Q. of an empty Pepsi bottle to come up with an idea like that!

Can you see now why I’m laughing my butt off on this rock?

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