Published On: Mon, Oct 9th, 2017

Las Vegas killings

Jacob Gelt DekkerAn assassin in Las Vegas killed 58 people and wounded hundreds by shooting from as 32nd-floor hotel room vantage point into a pop-festival crowd. The media stepped up the drama with a few notches by claiming that it was murder, premeditated and contemplated killings. A common pretense in the media was that all experts were dumbfounded; how could anyone do something like that?

Was the surprise as the media portrayed it, pure hypocrisy or real ignorance? Is the world dealing with a new phenomena, or is it just another outburst of long-simmering portents? The plight was tantalizing enough to do some research.

My first stop was a video arcade. A constant stream of gamers stood in line for long rows of electronic machines with toy automatic guns to shoot at enemy figures on screen from a vantage point; the more people one killed, the greater video hero one became, with loud bells and whistles to advertise this great success to the public.

After one plays a few of those games, it becomes very clear that the game designers are intimately familiar with the killing desire of their gamers, and cleverly manipulate those instincts. The psychology that is stimulated is precisely that of the Las Vegas killer. These gamers were doing just that; getting ready for the real thing on screen.

To claim that there is no understanding in our society of what drove the man to commit his atrocious act is gross, nonsensical and not true. It is pure lie and hypocrisy. There is an enormous understanding of the psychology and mechanism of the act; an entire business is based on it.

When the limits between gaming and reality blur, the world of reality turn into a video world. An assassination generation is born.

A large host of books and expertize reports are available. I recommend the book by Dave Grossman and Kristine Paulsen: “Assassination Generation, Video Games, Aggression and the Psychology of Killing.”

So why is the media ignoring the stash of knowledge and experience and responding with fake news? The answer is simple; because they refuse any responsibility. The industry, the National Arms Association, the guns and ammunition industry and the gaming industry are good for about US dollar $ 800,000,000 per year from these games.

“Please do not kill the chicken that lays the golden eggs.”

So, the annual sacrifice to the altar of corporate gambling, gun- and arms profit is thousands of deaths, in suicides and mass killings. The USA registered last year about 40,000 gun related deaths.

“Since 1968, when these figures were first collected, there have been 1,516,863 gun-related deaths on US territory. “

So, the hypocrisy in the media is easily explained; it was caused by pure corruption.

President Trump is not about to put a stop to corruption; after all, he is a proponent of corruption himself.

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