Published On: Mon, Apr 15th, 2013


Jacob Gelt DekkerThe Curacao film festival Rotterdam kicked off with Blancanieves, a 2012 black-and- white silent Spanish film drama, a masterpiece by Pablo Berger based on Brothers Grimm “Snow White.”

The disenfranchised heroin came into her own with grandesse, public glory and recognition in spite of her wicket witch stepmother . Stepmother’s poison pill though sent her off into eternal sleep only to be awoken from time to time as an illusion at fairs where seven devoted dwarfs toured her remains around in a glass casket. The festival organizers may, or may not have intended the film as a shining metaphoric message to our island of Curacao.

Curacao is no doubt and beyond all discussion, a sleeping beauty with a foul upbringing surrounded by wicked witch stepmothers. Every once in a while some lover comes along and the masses roar with applause for a moment. All wish to see the princess wake up and rise from her glass box to live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, it turns out to be an illusion, time after time. A level connected by a secret peddle in the back manipulated by an invisible dwarf makes her rise for a brief moment, only to sink back into her eternal sleep. But the hope that Prince charming is still out there, somewhere, will never die, or will it?

The magic potion that once put Blancanieves to sleep can only be outperformed by a much stronger antidote to cancel out the lasting effect of the bewitchment. Obviously , it is not going to be an incidental kiss of the next partying lover boy but only a highly qualified team of professionals to bring her back to life.

The island does not appear to be short of such professionals, though they have yet to form a functional performing and lasting team. Many seem well intended, but in the end lack sufficient courage and “ausdauer” to complete the job. Self- interest, cobb webbed minds and endless cluttering of civil servants tend the fires of their movements.

After fifty years of discussions, parliament finally took a decision on the future location of a central hospital, but will the decision hold and is the hospital-of-fifty-years-ago not quite a different thing that the health-clinics-of-tomorrow?
The refinery and pollution debate has raged on and off since the departure of Shell in 1986 and is steadily nearing its Pdvsa rental expiration date of 2018. Will there be a team ready with valid alternative solutions?

Fierce competition from other Caribbean islands fight to abscond our tourist industry. Will the magic wand of our local product sorcerers be strong enough to enchant, charm and spellbind seekers from across the globe? Will they be able to call in a swarm of Garudas to carry in the huddled and tired masses? On the back burners of our small country’s kitchen many ingenious projects are stewing slowly, but will they ever make it to the front burners before being reduced to tasteless sticky sauces?
Any way, I will order a fresh inventory of fairy dust.

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