Published On: Mon, Sep 25th, 2017

Marilyn Mozes around the bend!

Arthur DonkerBefore the last elections, when everybody was roaming the island in search of votes, I was at the UNA (University of Curacao) for a speech given by Marylin Mozes and even then I thought am I glad that she's not my doctor, just because of all the crap she was saying regarding birth control, planned parenthood etc.

I'm no doctor but I was flapping my ears while the rest of the crowd was nodding in agreement and did not understand one word this woman was saying.

Well, what do you expect, in the land of the blind one eye is (in this case) queen!

Today she was on the radio and needed to vent her disgust because she finds that the "Gay Pride Parade" does not fit in our "Culture Week" celebrations and had a few questions for the minister of Justice, like if the minister would also consider giving a permit for a parade for poverty, or pro tax reduction parade, if the Pride Parade is appropriate considering the fact that 80% of Curacao's population is Christian and if it's not considered against the morale, norms and values.

She states that 39% of the men and 51% of the women experienced some form of sexual abuse growing up. Sic! Where she got that nobody knows!

Oh, don't forget that she is also against that parading around half naked of the gays because that is her biggest concern.

The first thing I thought was that I am glad that I don't smoke what she's smoking because in my book we call that b.s. or hallucinations.

And don't forget she is heading a political party that calls itself Partido Politico Progresivo Korsow (Curacao's Progressive Political party)

A doctor that can say such stupidity and that comes up with all sorts of unfounded claims that have absolutely nothing to do with the Pride Parade like taxes, poverty in Curacao and of course the norm and values on this rock.

Let's start with the last one, the norms and values on this rock.

The Gay Pride Parade is a big no-no and Campo Alegre is allowed?? The largest whore house in the Caribbean and that's ok?

By the way that was approved by the Catholic bishop together with the government and the board of directors of the Shell.

So stop with those norms and values and shove them where the sun does not shine.

Gays with bare upper bodies? I checked the video of last year's parade but there was not ONE gay person with bare upper body or breasts.

On the other side, the CARNIVAL PARADE was full of them! And that is our so-called "Culture"

So they can shove that also where the sun does not shine.

She claims that 80% of the population is Christian but forgets to mention that it's only twice a year that they are Christians"

The Parade was every year on the 28th of September and never was or intended to be part of the "Cultural Week", that this year it is accidentally during the same week is a plus and proves that we have a diversity of cultures and respect everybody's culture and everybody's orientation.

What does tax reduction have to do with the Pride Parade, I don't get that but who am I right?

She also asks the Minister of Justice if he has the numbers of the robberies of gays compared to robberies of straight people. What that has to do with anything I don't know.

This lady that heads the so-called "Progressive Party" must stop saying stupidities and occupy herself with issues that are really important for the progress of this island like:

*          Teenage pregnancies (especially after the pinnacle of our culture Carnival)

*          Children that go to school hungry. One of the service clubs serves 1800 breakfasts daily to the poor kids so does a popular reporter Yves Cooper, isn't that an issue that a "Progressive Party" has to address?

*          Youth unemployment is on the rise what goes hand in hand with the rise in crime.

*          The problem with the gambling- and drug addiction what has become a monumental issue.

*          Drugs and violence in the schools what is also on the rise.

Apparently these problems are not important because madam is profiling herself as a moral knight in white armor because she finds that the Pride Parade does not belong in our culture or with our norms and values, but forgets that the Pride movement started as protest against discrimination and stigmatizing of the gays what is against our constitution, (something she probably does not know anything about) because it's called discrimination. With other words Mrs. Marlilyn Mozes DISCRIMINATES!

I keep laughing on this rock because last year the parade was a huge success and this year it promises to be bigger and nicer watch my words and Mrs. Marlin Mozes has an invitation to stand next to or prime minister Mr. Rhuggenaath during the opening of the Pride Parade.

By Arthur Donker

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