Published On: Thu, Sep 10th, 2015

Mentally sick damned fools

CameliaIn Curacao we have a severe mental problem. An international Dutch crook named John Duess appears at our shores with millions of dirty money owned by the Red Mafia. Mediocre and immoral politicians, under control of Emsley Tromp, welcome him as a legitimate investor. He becomes a very intimate friend with the president of our Central Bank Dr. Emsley Tromp and, against all rules, is granted a permit to operate a bank to launder his dirty money.

At the other hand a Yu Di Korsou (Curaçaoan), that made some legitimate money in the USA, writing lyrics, returns to his country with his earnings and a great idea to start a new airline. Same mediocre and immoral politicians, under control of Emsley Tromp, deny him an economic permit and Minister Camelia-Römer declares that there are now strict international rules for funding projects. According to the minister "Banks now have strict rules with funding of large projects. We need to know where the money comes from. All this in the context of the fight against terrorism and money laundering,”! Our country is ruled by corrupt mentally sick damned fools!

By Jorge Sulbaran

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