Published On: Thu, Apr 17th, 2014

Murder for hire

Jacob Gelt DekkerSupposedly, Monster, the hit man of Wiels’ murder, squealed on his co-conspirators and, in a three-day-long confession, came clean about his murderous agreement. In his statement, he claims, that he was hired as an assassin to kill the (in) famous PS-politician Helmien Wiels, on 5 May 2013, and did so, with the help of a local gang.

Just to be clear, a contract killing is a form of murder, in which one party hires another, to kill one, or more individuals. Contract killing provides the hiring party with the advantage of not having to be directly involved in the killing.

Monster, according to his confession statement, killed at least one, and was instrumental in the killing of another, Bolle, a co-conspirator and supposedly driver of the get-away car. Who put out the contract on the politician and issued the cash--- Nafl 500,000--- remains unknown to the public, and is a source of endless speculations in public and private. Accusations, back and forth, became a popular political bat to pass out hefty blows to opponents, settle old political scores and fight out vendettas.

Throughout history, contract killing has been associated with organized crime. Curacao experiences between 20-30 murders per year, and according to the minister of Justice, Navarro, most are nacro-industry related. Only as little as 10% get solved and culprits are brought to justice. A simple calculation suggests that there are hundreds of assassins available on the island, and ready to kill of hire. Also hiring others to commit lesser serious crimes than murder seems more than likely. With about three armed robberies per day, such illegal enterprises even seem to be flowering.

Morals and ethics, with the help of government, are to restrain a society from vices, and illegal behavior, like killings and other crimes. Laws and punishments, with law enforcement, are to be strict and severe enough to form an intimidating deterrent from such illegal behavior, after all, killing someone is far more than a social faux pas. Religion goes even one step further and has eternal condemnation, as one of its punishing sticks, in the waiting.

Curacao used to be a god-fearing island, but nowadays, trespassing legal boundaries, for pay, and even committing murder for hire, appears a growing social sentiment, and is obviously, in certain circles, more and more acceptable. That deterioration of respect for values, laws and order, is the most worrisome part of the Wiels-murder and should be the focus of our politicians and moral leaders.

But not a single religious, or political leader has stood up and called for restoration of moral and ethical values and gathered the people behind him to make that happen. Politicians’ reaction was to issue firearms for themselves, and sheltered into personal safety and obscurity.

All legal tools are available under Curacao- and Kingdom laws, and many other Latino countries have cleaned house, once in similar circumstances. Colombia, twenty years ago, still the abyss of bloody crimes, was turned around by president Uribe, who simply put a radical halt to it. Where are Curacao’s brave politicians who have the guts to follow in his footsteps???

By Jacob Gelt Dekker - Columnist for the Curacao Chronicle

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