Published On: Wed, Jul 26th, 2017

Once again a storm in a glass of water

Arthur DonkerI'm reading in the papers that our government is going to take drastic measures to deal, for once and for all, with all the illegal terrains, landfills, breeding nests, prostitution shacks and God knows what else, to clean all that up and prosecute the guilty.

Now, I don't know if I should applaud that or that I should laugh my butt off because that is going to be one hell of a job that not even Spiderman can clear.

When Suzy started out, she discovered that there were some 10.000 illegal, homes, snack bars, bachata schools, strip joints, prostipubs, bed and breakfast that in one way or another were build illegally and she discovered that there was an enormous delay in the issuing of building permits and that the DROV throughout the years, has become a maze of corruption, favoritism and other dark practices.

But, we cannot blame her because that is the problem in all the governmental departments for the simple reason that every four years the elected politician put their own people in posts they can control and influence and that the previous public servants are automatically put aside.

That way you create an atmosphere of counter activity and political empathy that you cannot get rid of.

I am laughing my butt off because I know already that she will never be able to clear that job for the simple reason that there were public servants that gave building permits to people that should have never gotten a permit, to begin with, because they were not qualified to get one in the first place.

An example of this is an apartment complex that was built without a building permit that all of a sudden has one.

So if Suzy wants to tear it down, she can be sure that a law suit will follow because somebody gave them a building permit behind Suzy's back.

There you go! The government does not govern, it's the small guy sitting in a little dark office without windows that have the stamp that that project developer needs to build, he is the one with the power, not the minister or his buddies.

And now they want to clean up the mess!

Let's start at the Seaquarium and follow the coast line, and see who has dumped all sorts of garbage in the sea and build on top of that.

We will come to the conclusion that the whole waterfront has been illegally appropriated by people that made it a sport to illegally steal land. From Seaquarium all the way to Marichi in town.

Huge apartment complexes all with a beautiful sea view that go for a huge amount of money the only problem being is they forget to tell you that with a southwest bad weather you will be standing up to your armpits in water and that mommy and the kids will be needing life jackets because it will be flooded because it was built without a building permit.

Well, the beginning is there and it reminds me of another popular political figure that invaded Peterman with an army of experts with rulers and clipboards to check and see what those project developers were doing and what the problem was with the alleys they allegedly stole.

And what was the result? Nada!

The alleys are still closed and there is still an apartment complex that was built without a building permit and besides that, the government was stupid enough to enlarge somebody's water-front property using the excuse of reinforcing the coastline due to bad weather.

For that, the project developer will be forever thankful for that gift.

I keep laughing on this rock because if I want to build a 12 square meter awning to park my car under they require more papers and permits than I need to adopt a Chinese baby.

By Arhur Donker

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