Published On: Tue, Mar 3rd, 2015

Open letter to De Geus, Balborda and Gijsbertha

Paul-de-Geus-UTSKPMGDe Geus, when will you start speaking to truth to the people of Curaçao? When will you put open letters to the people and explain why you lie so much. Uniqua was not sold in Suriname. There are no buyers, there is no deal on the table. Investors ran away as soon as they understood UTS’ way of doing business. Reality shows that this will amount to nothing. I’m just asking, when you will explain where the more than 226 million guilders, which went to Suriname, are and the 142 million that went to St. Kitts. Where did all this money go De Geus? Who received what? And don’t come telling us that this is the way things go when you make an investment. Don’t try to fool us.

De Geus, you took measures against you own people. You made us suffer, put us on the street, while so much money was being wasted by UTS and no one is accountable for it. It didn’t surprise me that the UTS Supervisory Board gave negative advice on the sales of UTS Eastern Caribbean. You are all the same. All of you are just a shame. The reality is that everyone knows that UTS wants more companies under its control so they can spend the money without anyone knowing what is going on. Everything UTS touches becomes a disaster and a mess.

Gijsbertha, I cannot believe this from you. I read in the newspaper last Saturday that you mentioned the sale of Uniqa in Suriname. Are you lying too? Everyone knows that Uniqa was not sold and that everything will amount to nothing. This means that the company will continue to lose money in Suriname and no one will stand accountable.

Minister Balborda, with due respect. What are you hiding but not doing your work to request an investigation into UTS as you should do? Who are you protecting? Or under whose order are you protecting Paul de Geus? UTS has hijacked more of the people’s money than anyone can imagine. God spares us if everything that is happening in UTS sees the light of the day. But no politician is speaking. No one is doing an investigation. Did Paul de Geus fool you all so well? Whose interest is being protected in UTS?

The Central Bank is being attacked, day in and day out. But the greatest scam in our country is taking place in UTS. Meanwhile the UTS employees continue to suffer. The people of Curaçao are asleep. How shameful we are. Send Paul de Geus home and start an investigation as should be. Place the right person in the leadership of the company. Stop fooling us. Balborda, Gijsbertha, stop showing off with projects that you have nothing to do it. Deal with UTS or go home.

To the press, you are also a disgrace. Not because UTS pays for advertisements means that you continue to cover up for them. You need to do your job. Wiels, where are you?

E. Cijntje

Paul de Geus is de CEO of the public company UTS.

Kenneth Gijsbertha is the President of UTS’ Supervisory Board.

Earl Balborda is the Minister responsible for UTS.

Image: Paul de Geus

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