Published On: Mon, Jun 9th, 2014

Our role models, standards and values

Arthur DonkerWe all know that our standards and values are degrading. I mean all you have to do is talk to a teenager or watch the latest video clip and you know enough. But that we, ourselves, are promoting such degradation, I never thought possible. It is all about drugs, making easy money, half naked women, and suggestive sexual gestures, lots of gold around our neck and very expensive cars, a projection as materialistic as possible.

It seems that like here in Curacao, you have to be a criminal, in the first place, to be respected and in the second place a kind of Robin Hood to be carried in their hands.

Somebody that calls himself a journalist on Facebook, wrote a piece about Curacao’s biggest criminal in Holland, Gwenette Martha, who was recently killed in a violent shootout. This journalist said that this man was well respected as a professional criminal in Amsterdam’s underworld and qualifies him as THE biggest one after Willem Holleeder and Dino Soerel and that even in Morocco he was well respected because he honored the criminal code. Someone who is allegedly connected with liquidations, drug trade, armed robberies, is described as a saint and he finishes the article with, the Amsterdam underworld will miss him. I don’t understand it. This is why I have a few questions. Answer them if you will.

This has to be a role model for our youth? Do we have to consider these people as heroes because of their criminal careers? Don’t these people help create a generation that thinks that it’s very common and normal to be a criminal? That a criminal career is sort of a status symbol? That it gives you a lot of respect? That it’s very important because people will adore you as a saint?

Same thing happened recently with a D.J. that was liquidated. A whole circus was organized around his funeral as if he was a superstar while the man was not exactly a choir boy. How far do we go? Drug dealers and people who liquidate others are ok, but what are we going to do with the rapists, the murderers, the thieves, people that kill our family members because they drive through red traffic lights, which is considered very normal nowadays, people that drive without insurance or license and kill three pedestrians, how far do we go? Is that acceptable too? It is all acceptable as long as it does not concern one of our family members, then these big criminals are hailed as Robin Hood.

How stupid can you be? Incredible! I really can’t laugh about this because I always thought that we carried our standards, values and respect for each other very high, but this shows again that we still have a lot to learn!

By Arthur Donker

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