Published On: Mon, Sep 23rd, 2013

Phantom of the Curacao Opera

Jacob Gelt DekkerMonika Bergonje ( 43) became the femme fatale for Nini, the mastermind behind the murders of politician Helmien Wiels and alleged assailant, Raul Jacinto Martinez alias Bolle. Only one week after her present lover, Luigi Florentina, 26, alias Pretu, who was charged with the murder of Bolle, committed suicide in his jail cell, Monika sold out Nini, her former lover and father of her son, Yuyu Bergonje (J.D.C., 28, in exchange for her freedom.

This is so far what can be put together from the information supplied by the Public Prosecutor. Nini, Burney Cutley Anthony Fonseca (42), a former car salesman and presently known on Curacao as a local politician/drug dealer, was the alleged boss who send his gangsters to do his dirty work. Nini had extended himself at election time in 2010 and again in 2012, and campaigned vigorously for the winning parties, MFK and PS. In 2012, the PS ran the most expensive election campaign since the times of Godett in 2003-2004, and money had not been an option for Nini. But, somehow after the celebrations died down, Nini's expectations were not met, agreements not awarded and the relationship with Wiels, the leader of the PS, soured.

Wiels had promised voters immediate independence of the Netherlands Kingdom, closure of the FOL-American drug trafficking monitor base and a closer alliance with Chavez's Venezuela. Curacao would soon become the paradise for drug traffickers and pots of gold were shining brightly in the near future. BUt within days after the election victory, Wiels turned 180 degrees and none of the election promises were honored. Nini must have felt short changed and apparently, it was time to settle the score.

Nini's neighbor Bolle was told to get a rent car, son, Yuyu and friend Pachen, 24, to get guns and shoot politician Helmien Wiels on 5 May, at 5 pm at Marie Pompoen Beach. The 5-5-5 revenge symbolism was the ultimate ridicule of Wiels much heralded independence struggle, labeled 10-10-10.

Supposedly, at the time not knowing exactly what was going on, Bolle made a mistake by registering the rent-car, that had become the get-away car of the assailants, in his own name. Before the police could get to him, Bolle had to be silenced. Just to keep it all in the family, Pretu was designated to shoot Bolle, get rid of the body and clear out of Curacao by going to Zoetermeer, near Rotterdam.

Pretu also made a mistake by using Monika's ATM card in Rotterdam for his cash needs. Immediately, Nini, well informed as he was through his contacts within the police force, hired a second hit man, E.R.K. 36 alias Monster, this time to go after Pretu. Monster had gained great prestige as a cool blooded killer by assassinating competing drug dealers, Arnaud, in June 2012 and Concepcion, in January 2013. Unfortunately for Nini, this time, Monster did not deliver. He was intercepted by the police on his way to the hit. Monster and Pretu were repatriated to their beloved island, but before Pretu could officially be charged in a Court of law, he decided to hang himself in his jail cell. After Pretu's death, Monika broke her silence and ranted on her former lover, Nini and his gang.

Forensics, interrogations, testimonials and confessions may change the details, but this is probably what happened more or less. Some very uncomfortable questions remain though.

1. What exactly was the relationship between Nini, and H.Wiels and his PS party? 2. Did Nini receive instructions and payments from anyone else for his assassinations?

The answers to these questions could have enormous consequences for the present power structure and government. If it were to turn out that Nini was a substantial financial contributor to the PS and H.Wiels,, what would that make the PS party and how legal then are the election results? Would the Governor have to annul election results and send the government home?

After the assassination of HW, the PS was very quick pointing an accusing finger at its adversary, the MFK, and in particular, its financier, Dos Santos. Was the PS knowingly puffing up a smoke screen by creating a phantom godfather behind the scenes?

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