Published On: Tue, Apr 4th, 2017

POTUS and Pinocchio

Jacob Gelt DekkerGeppetto, an Italian woodcarver, and clockmaker created the marionette Pinocchio and gave the world the archetype of truth. But “graven images” can be very dangerous.  Try to figure it out. Pinocchio would speak the truth if he said that his nose was growing when he was lying. But his nose would only grow if he was lying, and since he spoke the truth, his nose would not be growing.

Pinocchio is the liar paradox. "I am lying" or "everything I say is false." If he was indeed lying, he was telling the truth, which means, he is lying; it is a  paradox and an impossible discord. There is never any truth in lying.

U.S. Counselor to POTUS,  President of the US, Kellyanne Conway, created her reality out of lying by “alternative facts;” that was just fake-talk for “lying. POTUS is lying from early morning till late at night, day after day, according to the media. He cannot bully his way out of it. The glitter of show buzz,  the clamor of constant applause,  and free helpful services from Russians, but there is always a price to be paid in the end.

That  Pinocchio spiritual allegory may serve as guidance to POTUS and his staff.

Pinocchio, the marionette who wanted to be a boy, had to comply with a series of moral tests before conversion. But when he met Foulfellow the Fox and Gideon the Cat, he became a Faust who sold his soul to the Devil. The scoundrels lured Pinocchio to the “easy road to success”: show business.  They sold him to Stromboli, the belligerent puppet show promoter. Quickly, Pinocchio became acquainted with the up sides of the “easy road”: fame, fortune, and even hot women puppets, but he was and remained Stromboli’s slave. So, Pinocchio managed to escape.

Back on the right path, Pinocchio was stopped, once again, by Foulfellow the Fox who lures him into going to “Pleasure Island,” a place with no school and laws. Kids could eat, drink, smoke, fight and destroy at will, all under the watchful eye of The Coachman.

The boys who indulged enough into this dumbed-down lifestyle turn into donkeys and were then exploited by The Coachman to work in a mine. Pinocchio himself started to turn into a donkey. It was much like, Apuleius, who described the adventures of Lucius in The Metamorphoses or Golden Ass (124 AD) and how Lucius turned himself into an ass.

Pinocchio in total desperation and disappointment requested to be turned back into a marionette. “Sure, I once ached to be a real boy, but my head was made of wood then. I didn’t know any better. I couldn’t comprehend that real boys turn into real men and the real world in which they live sucks cricket balls.”

By Jacob Gelt Dekker
Columnist for Curaçao Chronicle

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