Published On: Mon, May 27th, 2013

Project Klein St Michiel

532291_10151634258883973_543285313_nThe last couple of days the problems surrounding the development of Oostpunt (East Point) is raising its ugly head once more, notwithstanding  all court cases the government has lost and we now have to pay tens of millions to the Maal family because of the so called E.O.P ( The Island's Development Plan) and because of the environmental activists that all of a sudden want to protect the coral, lizards, iguanas and cactus on Oostpunt while just a bit further at Jan Thiel the same coral and underwater park are being raped by project developers.

Jan Thiel is crammed, Caracasbaai is crammed and Spanish Water is one big cesspool because everything is discharged in there.

The hotels on the south side of the island that made artificial beaches killed all coral downstream of the hotel because of the fine sand that landed on the coral and choked them during the making of these beaches.

Where were the environmental groups? Where was the government? Where were the court cases?

The biggest polluter on Curacao, the Isla is running for years without even hearing one whimper from the environmental groups isn't that a bit odd?

Years ago mr. Raspoort started Club Seru Coral and put there, with his own capital, a vacation bungalow park that till today is running like a well greased machine.

Mister Raspoort wanted to start a second project with 600 vacation bungalows at Klein St Michiel and wanted to restore the landhouse and keep it as the central point of the project.

He was going to start a nursery with 6000 trees that he was going to use throughout the project.

Think about the financial benefit of such a project, employment, taxes, tourism and spin off like restaurants, car rentals airport tax you name it!

Why did it not go through? The same E.O.P. (Island Development Plan) that also opposed the Maal project that is still costing us millions because we never paid him.

And what do I see now? Somebody is going to start a project on the same Klein St. Michiel only now you don't hear the E.O.P. or the Iguana guild or the cactus cowboys that say that they want to protect everything but are not consistent.

My question is why not then and now all of a sudden it is possible?

Why are all those activists and environmentalists so quiet?

I keep laughing on this rock because we don't learn from our mistakes and over and over again it costs us a pile of money because those people that make decisions are never held personally responsible  for the stupid decisions they make so, they just do whatever they want.

By: Arthur Donker

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