Published On: Mon, Jun 20th, 2016

Removal of a corrupt Director of CBCS will only benefit our financial sector

TrompWith all due respect, but the supervisory board members of the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten (CBCS), Lopez (Sxm) and Pietersz (court appointed) are either stupid or corrupt. Obviously they don't know anything about integrity. Obstructing an integrity investigation against Emsley Tromp and CBCS management is like a mouse trying the protect a cat.

But don't make a mistake, both has reasons to defend Emsley Tromp. The first has to defend an illegal loan to St. Maarten Harbour Corporation (150 million dollars) and the other is a protégé of Tromp as CIA agent. It is a known fact that Pietersz, years ago, was forced to resign as Attorney General, after signing false documents to help USA Intelligence extradite a local citizen. Since then he's been closely related to Tromp and CIA. Clearly there's no reasons at all to keep Emsley Tromp in office. He's a shame to our financial sector and corrupted by money and power. Not to say a government official with too many years in office.

For those afraid that there's no adequate replacement , CBCS has enough expertise and qualified personal to guarantee proper compliance of the financial sector in our country. As a matter of fact if it was not for Emsley Tromp, international criminals such as John Duess and Hussang Ansary would have never put their stinking feet in our country.

Furthermore according reliable sources inside the CBCS, it has been years since Tromp has done anything at all in the daily operations of CBCS. Tromp is very busy managing Assia Condominiums Llc , owners of a multibillion luxury apartment complex on Brickel Key, a private island of the coast of downtown Miami. In other words, removal of this highly corrupted director of CBCS will only be in favor of our financial sector.

By Jorge Sulbaran

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