Published On: Thu, Mar 6th, 2014

Rich Venezuelans finance student protest against President Maduro in Venezuela

Venezuela riotAs known by everyone it is not my style to comment on the internal affairs of any country. I always respect the sovereignty of all countries, especially democratically elected governments of friendly countries such as Venezuela. However, as a descendant of a Venezuelan born father, I have lots of families and friends living in Venezuela and I'm concerned about their safety.

Still, I can't understand Venezuelans. I see opposition leaders publicly calling their president "Tirano Asesino" and openly instigating young people against their democratically elected government! But these instigators can freely walk the streets without being arrested by authorities! And still they accuse President Nicolas Maduro as being a dictator, and they scream everywhere that there's no freedom in Venezuela!

The fact of the matter is that you can't do such a thing in any country of the free world! You can't hit the streets of Washington calling President Obama "Tirano asesino" without been arrested by security forces! Neither can you do this in Curacao or in Holland! But in Venezuela opposition leaders can openly admit to have paid innocent students to go on the streets and risk their lives to protest against a democratically elected President.

That's exactly what Nelson Ramiz, one of the many rich Venezuelans living in Miami, admitted on FB! He wrote: "I'm in Venezuela not only doing what I think I should do, I'm here financing these young people with my money!” Nelson Ramiz is also known in Curacao for his "scam" to make millions selling Cadivi dollars on the black market. During his stay on our island, he showed everyone what kind of arrogant and filthy "ricachón" he is. Taking advantage of everything and everybody and still getting away with it.

Admitting to finance rebellion in any free country is a serious felony! In some countries you can be sentenced to a death penalty for financing and instigating protests and rebellion to destabilize a democratically elected Government. Seems like in Venezuela everybody is FREE to instigate the people against the government and get away with it! A still Ramiz calls president Maduro "El Tirano Asesino". Or maybe he was referring to himself?

It's a known fact that in Venezuela the rich oligarchy is against Chavez and they use their enormous fortunes to fight the Chavista government and social programs. Most of them fled the country and mainly established them self in the Miami suburb of El Doral. The richest bought luxurious apartments in South Biscayne on Brickell Ave. From their hidden places they control most business in Venezuela and finance the anti Chavista movement with propaganda and subversive actions to destabilize the Country.

They also finance scarcity of food and primary products by not producing them in their factories or by exporting their goods to other countries. It's a fact that in Venezuela MILK is scarce. However, in Curacao there's an abundance of Venezuelan produced MILK in all supermarkets? Venezuela has all the natural resources to produce all the toilet papers they need. However manufacturers are paid not to produce toilet paper. They create scarcity of everything! First to increase the price of all food products due to the large demand, secondly to create discontentment in the communities and finally to make life impossible for the poor Venezuelans, most of them Chavistas!

On the other hand, you have the subversive actions by Washington agencies. According to the site citing Jean-Guy Allard at, even the formation of Capriles’ political party, Primero Justicia, was done under the control of and financed by USAID, through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the International Republican Institute (IRI).

After USAID’s assessment the right-wing Republican experts at these organizations designed the Capriles’ party platform, communications strategy and were instrumental in supporting and financing extreme right ideological groups such as that designed for Capriles.

According to the source, USAID has reportedly given more than 5 million dollars to fund the extreme right in Venezuela “under the pretext of supporting democracy” in violation of the 2010 Venezuelan Law of Political Sovereignty and National Self-Determination, something USAID is well-known for and one of the reasons it was expelled from many countries including the Russian Federation.

Nicolas Maduro obviously is going through rough times and in order to maintain control of the Country he needs to take severe actions!

By Jorge Sulbaran

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