Published On: Fri, May 6th, 2016

Same as DAE was, InselAir is an important provider of currency and jobs

DAEMy position is the same like it was when Dutch Antilles Express (DAE) needed a financial support from the Government. InselAir, like DAE used to be, is an important provider of foreign currency in our economy and jobs for our people.

DAE, when it was drawn into the drain by incompetent politicians, represented an annual influx of over 100 million dollars in our economy and over 400 jobs. Fact is that InselAir provides a 10 fold of this amount and over 700 jobs, hopefully these mediocre and immoral politicians can understand this.

Problem is that the same stupid politicians created a precedent when they sent DAE belly up, with the argument that no public funds should be invested in private companies. Which is a stupid position considering the need that our country has for foreign currency, jobs, and airlift!

Fact is that US Government invested trillions of dollars to safeguard their financial institutions and automotive industry. Same like the Dutch did to salvage their banking system. Why the hell or we still talking about this!

By Jorge Sulbaran

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