Published On: Mon, Jul 17th, 2017

Same sex marriage

Arthur DonkerI don’t get it, nowadays with all the technology we have at our disposal and the daily bombardment of news items, we’re still stuck in the middle ages with our way of thinking.

Whole Christian Curaçao is upset because a small group of politicians that is clearly aiming on the feelings of 80% of the population, wants to have a referendum to ban for once and for all the same sex marriage issue, because it’s against all the Bible’s laws and is against the Christian way of thinking, because marriage is to promote the propagation of us humans.

Immediately I’m hit by the thought of a great deal of single mothers here that are abandoned by the planter of the seed the minute the child is born.

It might be a good idea, if the Christian groups would put all their efforts into contributing to the education of these people about norms and values and the responsibilities of being a father and mother and what their responsibilities are according to the bible.

Another solution would be that the “wild seeds” that are left behind all over the island, that these are given up for adoption to these gay couples that would love to adopt a child.

One sect after another pops up like mushrooms after a rainstorm and one sex scandal after another we see in the papers but that same group that’s against gay marriage, does not react to that because that would be the end of them because they would have to check within their own congregation and that does not look too good.
If even the pope himself says that he does not have the right to judge the gays, who gives the local hypocrites the right to judge?

Let’s just turn this around. Would the straight people like it if the gay people had the right to decide who they were allowed to marry and not the person they love because that person is gay?

What happened to the saying “ Love thy neighbor”? and I don’t think the bible meant ONLY the straight neighbors but ALL the neighbors.

Since we’re quoting the Bible what about “ Don’t do unto others what you would have them done unto you” ? So they are allowed to do but the others are not?

I really have to laugh, because those same politicians don’t even know that, what they are proposing is against the first article of our constitution that says that one cannot discriminate on the basis of color, race, religion and ORIENTATION!!
And we haven’t even touched the issue of human rights or other middle aged mindsets here.

That our politicians are not the brightest bunch we all know that, all you have to do is follow the police reports in the papers and you will see that the one after the other is caught because of all sorts of “dark practices” or misuse of power or driving under the influence and these are the knights in white that want to judge the gays?

I keep laughing on this rock because seemingly if you defend the gay rights here they think automatically that you’re also gay, so if I defend animal rights automatically I’m a goat or an alpaca?

By Arthur Donker

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