Published On: Thu, Oct 1st, 2015

Something to think about: “Obama has yielded to Putin global leadership”

Putin"The baton was officially transferred on Monday to the new world's only superpower" and Vladimir Putin received it, journalist Benny Avni writes in an article for The New York Post.

"President Obama (sound familiar?) covered the ideals espoused by the founders of the United Nations 70 years ago: diplomacy and the 'international order' will win over time, while the strength and power will lose," the analyst says, referring to the U.S. President’s speech before the UN General Assembly.

Putin, Avni continues, also appealed to the laws of the UN, but also used his speech to announce formation of a "broad international coalition 'to combat the Islamic state in Syria and Iraq.

This coalition would be led by Russia and would be supported by the Syrian armed forces and the Kurdish militia, the journalist said, adding that "this, of course, is not Obama’s opinion."

After meeting with Obama for the first time in two years last Monday, the Russian president spoke of possible "joint air strikes against the Islamic State", but during the 90-minute meeting did not reach any agreement on Al Assad, says the author.

"Meanwhile, if Obama has a realistic plan on Syria, beyond getting Al Assad out of the country with a 'magical transition' and simultaneously fight against the Islamic state, he could not present this during his speech at the UN. Neither at any another time," laments the journalist of The New York Post.

Although the US leader "scolded Russia, China and even Iran for being immersed in the policies of the past, it was Obama who sometimes sounded like a throwback to the days of old," says Avni, detailing the appearance of Obama at the UN "was reminiscent of scenes from the films of 1950" that portrayed the UN as a place where problems are really solved.

Those who were "scolded" by Obama in his speech -Putin, Al Assad, Xi Jinping, and even Iranian President Hassan Rohaní- were not in their seats to hear him, "because while Obama’s words are very strong, rarely they are backed with actions," emphasizes the author.

In his opinion, the fact that Putin "has taken over the leadership of US" it is bad news for Washington, because sooner or later and "even worse now, the future president is asked to retrieve the baton from Putin. And that could be difficult," predicts the journalist.

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