Published On: Tue, Jun 12th, 2018

St. Elizabeth Hospital

My sincere gratitude towards the St. Elisabeth Hospital, its staff especially the emergency department as well as Dr. Römer and all the helpful staff in his department and office.

Sint Elizabeth HospitalSometimes one occupies oneself and others with such thoughts as to avoid being transported into an emergency room on a weekend. It is this kind of deep routed prejudice quite many of us carry around. But what when tragedy strikes on a Sunday night?

On Sunday 27th of May, my husband and I went swimming as always in the later afternoon carefully avoiding too much sun. Enjoying it a great deal we were staying a bit longer in the water as usual. After a while, we felt really hungry and we decided to eat something in the little restaurant on the beach. Something we never do. All our life long we are enjoying most eating something good at home or bringing our home cooked food with us. However, we always saw plenty of guests in this beach restaurant so we didn't have to be suspicious of anything. We had to wait for a table than were seated at a little one. Each of us ordered fish soup deciding for the bigger one as we saw how tiny the little bowl was. I looked over the wonderful nightly bay. It just took a moment and as I looked back I found my husband’s head down on his somehow folded hands on the table. Seeing him like this and his hands twitching in an unusual way my heart started pounding as never before.


My husband came by within a short period of time. And the waitresses were very helpful and phoned 912. The female 912 operator made herself a picture by asking competent questions. How old? Did he vomit? No. Does he take any medicine? No. Does he have any sickness? No. When did you eat last? Meanwhile, it was after seven so we had eaten five hours ago. “That's too much of a difference in between your meals. You have to eat something!” she says and is also telling me to phone again if anything should surprisingly go to the worse. My husband didn't really know what had happened but was feeling somewhat flimsy and so we ate the soup which came with a piece of white bread so soft and sweetish that it shouldn't be sold at all. The soup was terribly salty but still, we both spooned it down. It's not possible that anyone in this kitchen has ever made a basic degree in cooking, I thought by myself. But it wasn't the appropriate time to complaint after all the waitresses were very helpful and concerned. Also still feeling flimsy or perhaps even more after the soup my husband regained his power by deciding that not I but he himself is driving home. As usual always afraid I wouldn't be concentrated enough.

Not an all too bad sign I thought as he was clearly becoming himself again. On the fifteen minute way back home he reduced his speed several times and I felt that something is going to be wrong again. But luckily we made it safely home and he parked the car, as usual, all the way in the back. As he walked to the entrance I realized how carefully slow he was on his feet. Sitting down in the living room and placing a glass of water in front of him I noticed how pale he was. Just by accident, we had a blood pressure meter in the house. A really good thing for everyone to have! Taking his pressure the meter went up and up and seemingly didn't want to stop at all. Reaching the level of 216 made me fearful enough to run to the phone. The 912 lady again asked some questions: can he move his arms up? Does he have pain? Did he vomit? Did he have that before? No, never. Upon this, she decides: “Keep him upright sitting, we come!” I was more than pleased to hear that. After one minute she was phoning back assuring me that it won't take long as the ambulance is coming from Montaña.

From far I could hear the sirens of the ambulance and indeed they were at our gate in no time. Upon their arrival, no second was lost. They two gentleman – I forgot to ask for their names – were more professional than in any Hollywood movie shown! But their injection didn't bring the blood pressure down. Did he have any kind of stress? “No”, I reply, “the only stress my husband gets quite frequently is from noticing all the stuff I do wrong all day long and believe me, he is used to that!” So true, that my husband is getting a smile on his pale face, the ambulance workers too. It is serious they say, we have to bring him to the hospital. “No, no”, he says to my husband who wants to get up and walk out of the house being used from small on to be strong in all situations. “No more step, we bring the stretcher in!” the ambulance worker commands. Also the infusion in the ambulance didn't bring his blood pressure down and his heart kept on visibly pounding like a high powered machine. The ambulance driver was very careful and speedy, in no time we reached the hospital.

The registration took a while and my feelings were getting worse. As I came into the emergency room one of the ambulance drivers was still on my husband’s side and some other people were staring at the monitor and back to my husband sitting upright on the emergency bed. The ambulance worker took me aside, explaining that he was given again an injection but the pressure doesn't go down. It was for a while a zombie-like situation. Then they injected again and only after a long while his pressure finally very, very slowly came down. The emergency doctor was a very competent observant young man who explained to us later that there is some point in the heart were things go wrong.

The very next day the cardiology department did it's very best. And Dr. Römer took his time and diagnosed an anomaly of the heart as there exists an extra circuit which never ever had bothered my husband before. Something like a sixth gear I sometimes jokingly say since then.

What I really want to express by telling you all this that after living on the island for almost eleven years I have never met before so much competence, helpfulness and understanding all at one place. All stuff we had to deal with were very kind, positive and always smiling. There was not even a single second that we felt helpless. My husband and I remain very thankful for all the dedicated service, assistance and care we got at the St. Elisabeth Hospital. All together I further would like to say that we couldn't have asked for a better service than the one we got! Thank you very much for it!

By Marry Simpson

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