Published On: Sat, Jun 1st, 2013

The General State of Our Country

Curacao statisticsWe live in a society where people expect their politicians to provide them with everything and aren’t willing to do anything for themselves. On top of that these very people are content to be silenced by the little crumbs provided; all while politicians still run to the bank to cash in on their spoils.

This government still stands because there are families that are gladly willing to be funded social entities.

What they don’t see is that this dependency is exactly the reason why we can’t progress. Instead of moving forward we are held behind by this behemoth supported by its minions. It should be a punishable act to preach this false freedom and security, because, in fact, we have neither.

We are a country governed by unwritten rules, where the power shifts from one corrupt side to the other. No one wants to say anything in fear of being judged and persecuted. If this is our fear then I’m sorry to say that our freedom of speech has been shot dead. We live in a country where people gladly sell their ambitions for a reward of sloth and dependency.

Remember: a country gets the politicians it deserves. By the looks of the majority, they deserved every single circus we’ve had governing this country. You’ll be a slave to regret if you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. And the mistakes aren’t made by voting parties into office. It’s the fact that we don’t stand as one and tell them what we want from them. That is the mistake. Not knowing what you want nor striving for it. If you let two opposing forces collide at free will, you will only get one thing: Chaos.

You can’t expect politicians to blindly do their jobs if they are granted the freedom to do what they want. The people must speak out. This isn’t like sports on tv where one roots for a team. This is your country, your life and wellbeing. If these politicians aren’t able to comply, it is just as easy to get them out as getting them in. But here we strive for the wrong things. We strive for monetary dependency.

Why not strive for education as it is supposed to be? Not a business but a human right. Isn’t that the basis of all that is modern civilization? Knowledge is the great equalizer of men. It is the only thing able to bring everyone on the same level. The current education system is a mess governed by incompetent people with flat earth mentalities. They will gladly turn children into guinea pigs by following experiments that aren’t applicable in our country. And when that fails, just blame it on the children. The cogs and of negligence turn the conveyor belt of failures at a higher rate every day.  Producing so called education without a foundation of intelligence.

Why not strive to be your own provider, and not depend on government hand outs? Is it easy? No it’s not. Is it worth it? Yes it is. It’s worth not being the pillar of corruption. If they support you, you support them and their policies. No questions asked. Besides isn’t it worth doing something you can have pride in?  To do something that can stand as an example for others to be inspired by? Instead of plain monetary handouts, why not something with more of an incentive value? Things like support and training.

We’re a small community in which it should be easy to give each other a hand. It shouldn’t matter who is in power. Because when you don’t have power, all you have is each other. We just have to make a choice and a mentality change.
Do you stand divided by a government or together as a nation?


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