Published On: Tue, Jul 23rd, 2013

The Halloween gangster trio

Jacob Gelt DekkerBlacky ( Pretu), Fatso ( Bolle) and Monster are not a boys-gangster-trio at Halloween but real life members of the NLS- gang , the No-Limits-Soldiers of Koral Specht. The NLS dominates the assassination news of politician Helmin Wiels. Supposedly, the gang already executed 15-20 murders for hire. News papers reported that NLS- gang leaders were upset. They were not informed about the hit on the politician and also did not collect their share, so much for honor amongst thieves.

For the uninformed, Wiels, a belligerent Chavismo politician who called half the island either a corrupt scum bag or a pervert, was shot on 5 May, at 5 pm, by 5 bullets, at Pompoen Beach, by a lone shooter, who escaped in a waiting getaway car. Supposedly, the getaway car driver was Fatso. Fatso’s remains were found shortly after at the North coast. His head and a hand were missing.

Supposedly Blacky, Fatso’s neighbor and chop-shop owner, was Fatso’s killer. Fatso’s blood was all over his garage. Black fled to Zoetermeer in Holland and Monster, a reputed killer with a long rap sheet, was sent after him, supposedly to clear him out of the way. Monster was traced, followed and apprehended on the freeway towards Rotterdam by the police before he could execute Blacky. Blacky gave himself away by getting cash out of an ATM machine in Zoetermeer from an account of a girlfriend who was supposed to pay him his fee.

So, Monster and Blacky were arrested and incarcerated, Blacky in a military compound and Monster in a regular facility. With the strong suspicion that some of the Curacao police entertain close links to organized crime and the NLS, special precaution and security of the prisoners was a must.

Rumors have it that also Wiels’ shooter, whose name is unknown, was apprehended and is held in custody and secretly shuttled between Bonaire and St. Maarten jail cells. So all assailants are accounted for.

The unanswered question that remains is , who ordered the hits and who paid who?

Follow-the- money trail is what the detectives decided to do.

Last week, a special police team searched five private residences with especially trained sniff dogs. Dogs are usually trained to sniff out drugs, contaminated cash money and cadavers. So were Fatso’s chopped of body parts taken as trophies, or was the money for the hit still sitting somewhere in a suitcase waiting to be paid out? Supposedly, one of the residences was owned by a small local drug dealer.

Could this dealer have been the delivery boy or the bagman? The inevitable question is then, for whom was he making deliveries??? Who of Wiels’ enemies, which politician or businessman, was the bagman close to?

Find out and you uncover the ultimate culprit of the assassination plot of Helmin Wiels.

You already know who it is?

Just whisper it in my ear. Aah, why am I not surprised?

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