Published On: Mon, May 20th, 2013

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”

Jacob Gelt Dekker“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself, “said Franklin Roosevelt. Move on and forget about it as if nothing happened; that is what most people would like to do. Making changes is frightening under any circumstances and even more so when fear is already lingering in the background.
The cloud of fear can only be lifted somewhat when culprits of heavy crime are arrested and convicted, but for many, conspiracy theories will always prevail. In the end, the truth will be, whatever we want it to be. So, in the grip of fear, it is best to forget, be oblivious and celebrate; the party must go on, or is it?

News media turned fear-feeding into a commodity; sensationalism sells and sells big. Proper journalism, as taught in educational institutes, is supposed to present a balanced view. The BBC-News became the world news media standard, but in spite of great efforts and integrity, was unable to escape Euro-centric views. CNN never even obscured its America-centric perspectives and its tunnel vision of US- based preoccupation with local political trivia. Al Jazeera News, a Middle East media news provider, was often praised for its “balanced views” no matter how skewed those often sounded. A constant hunger for sensationalism, for bread and games, for profit and popularity, corrupts even the most integer of intentions.

Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, form today’s backbone of conspiracy theories. Daily, an avalanche of explanations are published that accuse persons or organizations of having caused and covered up an event, crime, disaster or natural phenomenon of great social, political, or economic impact. These explanations are usually constructed with great flaws and biases.

Supposedly, secret plots by exceptionally powerful and cunning conspirators are hatched, malicious always, to ends of world power and control, and endless means of wealth. Almost always, these plots trace all evil back to a single source, the conspirators and their agents. And those, who are so courageous to volunteer as the messengers who bring conspiracies out in the open, can claim secret knowledge unknown or unappreciated by others. For conspiracy theorists, the masses are brainwashed and stupid, while they can congratulate themselves on superior knowledge by which they penetrate plotters' deceptions.

A simplistic world is divided in one of evil power-thirsty plotters and one of poor, powerless masses as victims. Large corporations, multinationals, organized crime and corrupt politicians, mostly organized in secret loges, rule the upper world from the dungeons of the underworld. Dan Brown’s thrillers, like the Da Vinci Code, based on conspiracies of the Catholic Church, became so convincing, that may hold his fiction for historic fact. Hugo Chavez , the former president of Venezuela ,even accused the USA of causing the disastrous Haiti earthquake and infecting him with a lethal dose of cancer..
For so many, the world is made up of nothing but, what I call, a Harry-Potter-reality, a reality full of folklore, urban legends and fairy tales.
Yes, we are to fear such world of fear. It will paralyze us into apathy and give way to ever more fear.

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