Published On: Thu, Nov 5th, 2015

The PNP party in their desperation is creating chaos in our traffic

roadA traffic that is jammed all over Curaçao, causing disgust and anger in traffic, just because the coalition party PNP does not have adequate people to manage Public Works. This is the consequence of appointing a super lazy person as a minister (referring to former Minister Earl Balborda), to comply with political friends. The PNP party has neglected its people that were on its list and who campaigned and helped them gain one seat in parliament. They have appointed a super lazy person as a minister.

In two years as minister, the only thing he has done was make a deal with ‘makamba’ (Dutch people) thieves to execute the plans of his predecessor, Charles Cooper (MAN party), and then sit on his behind to never ever fix one mile of road. What about the jogging strip at Koredor?

Ooh, before I, he destroyed DAE (airline) causing our economy to lose 100 million dollars in income. He appointed a party friend as director of Civil Aviation with a fabulous salary and he fixed a nice piece of land for his uncle. He didn’t do anything else. His own leader kicked him out of the government.

But the damage was already done. PNP party in their desperation has appointed a lawyer to manage Public Works. Now PNP hopes that this lawyer can do in six months what this super lazy guy has not been able to do in 24 months. This lawyer wants to put us in over drive causing a total chaos all over the island. Mediocre and immoral politicians are calling this Peace and Tranquility.

Please go feed iguanas after next election.

By Jorge Sulbaran

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