Published On: Wed, Jun 10th, 2015


dekker_0Curacaos’theaterocracy delivered an anticlimactic performance to Asjes-cabinet, last week, when one of its actors, Glenn Sulvaran, announced the end to the ruling coalition, within ten days.

You may expect that members of Curacao’s parliament are elected by vulgar hordes gawping at populist politicians on stage and voting for the ones who produce the prettiest speeches and the juiciest promises, but such is not the case.

The people elect none. Officially, the voters cast their vote for a political party, and thereafter, the party appoints members of parliament to fill her elected seats. Most parties announce their candidates in advance. Some candidates collect preferential votes on the ballot, which, legally, should not make any difference, since discretion remains with the party, but it always helps. Right after installation as Member of Parliament, a large number of the brand-new MP’s broke away from their political party without relinquishing their seat. A legal oversight allows them to hold on to their seat. So, many members of parliament do neither represent an electorate, nor an elected party; some formed their own party after the fact. No one with a straight mind can claim that Curacao has a parliamentary democracy any longer.

Any way, Glen Sulvaran is one of the loose canons of parliament; dissident, no dedicated electorate, or an electorate absconded from the party that put him on the ballot. Thus, with these loose canons making deals, left and right to continue their stay in power a bit longer, the local democracy has become overloaded with obligations and distorted by special interest. We can only surmise that it was one of Sulvaran’s special interests, or obligations that will force him to pull the plug on the cabinet, directly or indirectly.

Sulvaran could not say that straight out, since backdoor agreements are secret of course, and his contempt for the electorate is well established.

At least on his Facebook, he spoke again in riddles: “Sometimes you do not understand the move as it is not visible to the eye. Some will condemn your move, as they do not understand, as the true nature of events cannot always be captured into words. But there is logic to it, which everyone will understand in the end. And as expected we go to solve the problem before it hits us all. That is my job too and not yours. And with success as there is light in the tunnel...and that is good. Earlier and faster than I expected.” Sulvaran announced that he would be running as MP in the new elections for his own newly created party.

One of the tasks of any member of parliament is to create transparency, obviously not so for Mr. Sulvaran, he sticks to backdoor deal and secrecy. Obviously, he has not understood the essence of his very important function.

Prime Minister Asjes was fast to deny all rumors and qualified the announcement of the MP as a slip of the tongue and made in gest. If Asjes is right, the situation is even worse, and Sulvaran has proven be an irresponsible joker. Time will learn.

By Jacob Gelt Dekker, opinion columnist for Curaçao Chronicle.

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