Published On: Wed, Jul 17th, 2013

They’re coming back!

Arthur DonkerWhen I read in the media that 110 students wanted to come back and continue their studies here at the UNA, the couple of hairs on my head stood straight up because for years I’ve been saying that we know ahead of time that a high percentage of these students won’t make it in Holland because of bad preparation and not dominating the Dutch language enough which is the reason the stay behind for the get go and fail.

The result is that they stick together (misery loves company) and as usual blame everybody else except themselves and there is nothing easier than saying that they’re being discriminated against because than they don’t have to be embarrassed by saying that it was their own mistake.

They think that Holland is a paradise because all of a sudden they are free to do whatever they want without parental supervision, all of a sudden the boyfriend can sleep over without anybody saying anything, discipline flies out the window and “Let the fun begin” with all the consequences.

They parents stay behind with sky high debts and have to pay those off for years to come. And now the government is thinking of finding schools for these students in the region ? What’s going to happen? The same thing! For the simple reason that our people do not dominate the languages anymore!

They can’t even express themselves in their own language, let alone English (The States / Puerto Rico / Bahamas / St Maarten) or Spanish (Colombia / Venezuela / Sto. Domingo) we have enough example because even in Holland they can’t express themselves in Dutch.

So let’s find out first where the problem is and work on that before we send our kids to a foreign country knowing ahead of time that a high percentage of these kids won’t make it.

But who am I, I’ve been saying this for years already, with Papiamento you get nowhere, not in Holland, not in the region, not in the States or Canada.

If you’re sailing you can’t change the wind, you van only adjust your sails to reach your destination.
But if because of stubbornness and placing political friends in positions that they don’t have a clue what it’s all about you get this kind of situations and can you forsee the future of this rock!

“We can do it ourselves” does not work anymore, isn’t it time we bow our heads and accept that we can’t do it and ask for help?
With false shame you don’t get anywhere, you only deprive a lot of children from their future.

Why do I get all worked up? Because I love this rock and keep laughing because as long as we work with amateurs our end product will always be on an amateur level!

Arthur Donker

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