Published On: Mon, Apr 10th, 2017

Travel to US while being convicted

US Consulate General Curaçao

Dear Sirs,

I read about a short visit from former Curaçao Prime Minister Mr. Gerrit Schotte to Miami, last week.

I find this strange, as Mr. Gerrit Schotte (whose house was raìded again by the police recently, in search of proof of bribery) has been convicted to three years in jaìl for, among others, money laundering, corruption and bribery.

Each time I fly to Miami, I am forced to fill out an Esta form inquiring after any convictions I may have. It has always been my belief that I would not be allowed to enter the US if I would have and confirm such conviction.

For this reason, I would like to inquire with you whether my belief is correct. If my belief is correct, could you please explaìn how it is possible that Mr. Gerrit Schotte could enter the US while being convicted to a three years’ jaìl sentence?

Would it be possible that he mislead the US authorities, e.g. by travelling on an old, not up to date Esta? Would you then be able to inform the US Immigration of another fraud committed by Mr. Gerrit Schotte?

I am looking forward to your early reply.

Thanks in advance, Best regards,

Margret Smeets,

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