Published On: Wed, May 20th, 2015

Venezuela gives away PetroCaribe funds whilst its people prostitute themselves

Venezuelan socialismVenezuela’s president currently has only a 20% approval rating. Yes, they have built some houses and apartments for the poor, but that is only a vote catcher. Perhaps without the social housing project the president’s approval rating would only be at 5%.

In 2012, the US dollar was selling on the streets, on the black market, at about ten Venezuelan bolivars to one US dollar. Today, the black market value of the bolivar is 265 to a US dollar. The official rate is 6.284.

It reminds me very much of the street trading in Eastern Europe during the Cold War, where nasty little men used to buy and sell at huge inflated rates, hoping to short change you by sleight of hand whilst counting out your rewards for street trading. I was there in Poland’s Warsaw City and in Russia’s Moscow.

Even then it was most obvious that communism just didn’t work. So the reintroduction of it in the Caribbean through ALBA, despite being called scientific socialism, should be shunned and rejected.

Cuba is the Caribbean’s biggest scrounging ponce on the Venezuelan economy, receiving about US$9 billion annually. The smaller islands are also a huge drain, their scrounging ponces being about US$3.5 billion a year. (Ponce: noun – one who lives off a prostitute's earnings)

Venezuela's years-long economic crisis has worsened, with citizens scrambling to get access to everything from condoms to toilet paper and ladies sanitary napkins. Beef in butcher shops, a thing of the past. Crime completely out of control.

Many Venezuelan border villages, towns and cities along the Colombian border have turned to prostitution as their main source of income. Prostitution is legal in Colombia, and more and more Venezuelan women are going there to work in the sex trade. Most women head to places like Cucuta, a busy border town, work for a few days before heading back home to Venezuela to feed their families. It’s a matter of prostituting themselves or whole families starving.

According to UK’s Channel 4, Venezuela is the most dangerous place on earth despite government attempts to crack down on crime, with more than 500 murders a week – some political, some state sponsored, some due to the drug trade.

Whilst these women are prostituting themselves, the Caribbean leadership and the Cubans in particular are poncing from the Venezuelans. With the help of Venezuelan president Maduro, the Hugo Chavez family is bleeding the country dry. They are still in control of everything, paying huge stipends to the military bosses to remain in power, to remain in the top position of plundering.

If it wasn’t for the PetroCaribe ponce fund, most of the little jumped up commies in the Caribbean and South Americas would be long gone, it’s only the ponce fund that is keeping them in power.

There must be an end to this soon, nothing as evil as this can last forever, like SVG’s growing Gonsalves family dynasty, like the Chavez family dynasty, all will eventually be toppled. Hopefully, eventually all those people will be punished in some way or other for the hardships inflicted on the Venezuelan people.

Even in little countries like St Vincent and the Grenadines, young girls and women are prostituting themselves, the former to pay their cell phone bills, the latter to feed the families. And the main source of national Income is scrounging from countries in exchange for our UN vote, itself a kind of prostitution, prostitution of the whole state.

Then I remembered what Fidel Castro once said, "One of the greatest benefits of the revolution is that even our prostitutes are college graduates." Ref: Castro to director Oliver Stone in 2003 documentary "Comandante."

It really should not be like this, it’s Marxism gone mad. Yet the scumbag leaders describe the poncing from Venezuela as solidarity.

Some of them even pretend to be Christians, but I am sure that real Christians do not behave so and inflict such agonies on people. This is the work of blaspheming despots with the support of their families, the dynasty syndrome.

By Peter Binos
Central London

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