Published On: Tue, Jun 3rd, 2014

We’re not allowed to use solar panels according to Aqualectra

Arthur DonkerI could not believe my eyes when I read in the news that Aqualectra will not approve new petitions for the installations of solar panels because the electricity they buy back from the owners of solar panels is more expensive than what they produce themselves.

It’s not profitable so they stopped all new requests. In the first place I don’t think that you are obliged to buy the excess electricity and in the second place I don’t think that it’s Aqualectra’s decision if I can or cannot place solar panels. I can understand that they will do everything to avoid people to generate their own energy because then the company will go broke in no time for they’re simply too expensive.

Aqualectra had always been some sort of milking cow of the government, having more C.E.O.’s than General Motors and each getting a monthly salary that can feed an African village for a year. And everybody keeps thinking that the problem just started because all of a sudden solar panels are popular, but they’re wrong because this has been going on for some time already. Aqualectra wants to keep its monopoly position, whatever the cost.

I still remember that years ago the Marine Base at Parera had installed three huge wind turbines in order to save on their energy bill. After years of court cases and discussions, they had to remove the wind turbines and had to depend once again on Aqualectra that kept malfunctioning. They came up with the plant at Dokweg to solve that problem only to find out that it did not make a difference and that the problem was still there. Everything stayed the same as before.

So, it’s not about the electricity that people generate on their own that is expensive and that it’s not profitable for Aqualectra to buy it back, but it’s about keeping the milking cow and to keep the social workplace of the government open where they can give friends lucrative positions as board of directors and to keep positions open for friends as payback for their political support.

So do me a favor don’t insult my intelligence and please come up with another story. Nobody forces you to buy back electricity for a higher price and since when do you decide if I can put solar panels on my roof or not! I know of a business that reduced their electric bill from 9000 guilders per month to 400 per month. I, living alone, pay 400 per month for electricity a month so what do you think my next move is going to be? If I want to listen to fairy tales, I’ll listen to one of Gerrit Schotte’s speeches because not even Walt Disney can compete with him, that one will tell you about everything except about the report of unusual financial transactions, his mafia connections, the disappearing act of his diplomatic passport, those issues Mr. Schotte won’t talk about.

I keep laughing on this rock. Once again some people think they can keep the population dumb with their fairy tales.

Arthur Donker

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