Published On: Thu, Jul 24th, 2014

Why the Netherlands wants to recolonize Dutch Antilles

SchotteUS Senator John McCain: "European sanctions on Russia are 'a joke'

"It's a joke and they will do nothing and I predicted they would do nothing," Mr. McCain told The Telegraph. "They will continue to do nothing until the day they become independent of Russian energy. Until then they will talk."

Recently a Dutch Politician Alexander Pechthold, proclaimed that the findings of Oil and Gas reserves in the territorial waters of the Dutch Antilles (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) would mean a new "World Economy". Since then the Dutch Government has done everything in their means to control and recolonize the Islands!

BONAIRE has become a Dutch property directly under control of the Dutch Rulers. The people of Bonaire don't have anything to say in regards to the government of the island and are subject to Dutch rulers.

CURACAO has known a severe depression of its economy as a result of several financial measures imposed by Dutch Rulers through some non-statutory Kingdom laws! These laws came into effect after a TRADE OFF against the partial payment (70%) of Curacao’s national debt. Since then, Dutch Rulers control all financial matters of the island through an unconstitutional Financial Supervision called CFT (Committee for Financial Supervision)! Other Kingdom Laws took over control of the judicial organization of the Island, which is now a total mess!

Since then, Dutch Rulers have used the island Governor to orchestrate a Coup d'état to overthrow the first ever autonomous government of Curacao. Unknown assassins brutally assassinated the most successful and important INDEPENDENCE LEADER, (Still an unsolved mystery). A minority government was put in power, after a senator with 257 votes on his name, was bribed with a 4 million investment in a strange Foundation, to leave with the seat of his party! Unemployment and Poverty rates skyrocketed, and the once peaceful island in the Caribbean was converted into a Criminal dominated country! Easy to take control of!

ARUBA is now in turn! Notwithstanding the prosperity and welfare provided by the Government of the friendly Island, Dutch Rulers want to impose payment of the Island’s national debt (estimated 300 million guilders), at once! The Aruban Parliament approved a government budget in which they propose to pay the debt in the next three years. However Dutch rulers intervened in the "Budget right" of the Aruban Parliament and instructed the island's Governor NOT to sign the Budget for its implementation! This interference promptly leads to the resignation of the Minister of Finance and the Aruban Prime Minister went into a "hunger strike" that lasted a couple of days.

The statements by US Senator John McCain in regards to the sanction imposed against the Russian, and the dependence of European countries to Russian gas and Oil, are indicative of the Dutch Rulers motives to interfere and recolonize the Dutch Caribbean Islands! It’s also a known fact that there are Gas and Oil reserves in the territorial waters of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Something that Dutch Rulers GREEDLY would like to take control of!

By Jorge Sulbaran

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