Published On: Wed, Aug 21st, 2013

Yes but……………..

Arthur DonkerI ride a motorbike and every now and then I grab my car and go drive for a while, mostly when it’s not that busy on the road because I don’t feel like waiting in a traffic jam with all the consequences of that.
Problem is that sometimes I forget to buckle up and of course with my luck I was stopped and had to park at a busstop.
While the policeman was writing the ticket a little AC bus with about 10 passengers stopped and I thought what the hell, none of them are buckled up so why me and not them? (Principle of equality right?)
On my question I was told “yes but, they have dispensation.”
There is a bus driver that twice caused an accident with fatalities and is still driving around.
Why? “Yes but, she’s a breadwinner!”
Somebody drives with breakneck speed and kills three people, keeps driving only to be blocked by somebody driving behind him a mile down the road.
He goes to prison only to go free about a week later.
Why? “ Yes , but he promised to be present during his trial!
Do you really think that I will show up if I know ahead of time that there is a 20 year prison term hanging over my head? I’ll be so far away that not even Google can find me!
You drive on the road to Westpoint and fall in a pothole big enough to park a Columbus’ ship, the Santa Maria, in it.
You go to the Public Works office (they have somebody sitting there for these things) and the first thing he says is “Yes but, who can say that your front suspension was not damaged before you fell in the pothole?”
My neck is two inches shorter because I made a dent in my roof when I hit my head when I fell in the pothole!
“Yes but you’re already short so you can’t prove that that was the reason!”
300 school kids that go to schools downwind from the Isla refinery were sent home because of the stink, nausea, burning eyes, the soot and garbage in the air.
Comes the P.R. guy of that junk yard that says: “Yes but who says that the stink comes from the Isla refinery?”
An air photo shows clearly that an oil spill runs from the COT (Transhipment harbor) at Bullenbay to Jan Kok Salt pans.
Their P.R. guy says : Yes but, that oil spill can also be coming from a passing tanker”
How is it possible that the oil price worldwide is going down and Aqualectra raise their prices?
Yes but, that’s because the buddies of our big friend Schotte made such a mess there in Aqualectra that we have to refill the cash reserve.
We get angry when the Dutch politicians call us a nest of bandits and a banana republic, yes but, that was a joke right?
I keep laughing on this rock, yes but, sometimes I cry my eyes out.

Arthur Donker

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