Published On: Thu, Aug 3rd, 2017

You are the change; you are waiting for

Jacob Gelt DekkerSince autonomy in 2010, Curacao had seven Prime Ministers and more than 60 ministers. No matter the political signature of the cabinet,  none of these governments managed to create growth in welfare and well being of the island population.

The economy remained stagnant at near zero growth with a slightly growing population. In spite of muscle language by Prosecutors and Ministers of Justice, crime continued unabated as the heaviest cross for the community to carry.

Expectations for knights in shining armor to arrive also remained unabated.  For thousands of years, people around the world treasured Messianic hopes. One day, the great Redeemer would materialize out of nothing and lead the downtrodden to fair treatment and justice; all scores of injustice would be settled, and the weak and mistreated, who suffered so very unfairly, would be compensated.

Unfortunately, even over a period of thousands of years, no Messiah has risen from the masses. All leaders, from Alexander the Great to Mohammed,  Karl Marx, Hitler and Mao Chedong, were exposed as bloody power brokers, who left inextinguishable trails of suffering and destruction.

It is so apparent that Messianic expectations are wasted reveries. The change you are waiting for is here, and that change is you! You make up the difference that can happen in the world, a distinction for a better and juster society.

Your waiting and inaction is only a lame excuse of any slave who is waiting in idleness for the instructions of his slave master.

You are in charge of your life and your environment. Crime is a plague, and it continues to exist, simply because you refuse to stop your participations, or report it and turn in the culprits.

Poverty remains, only because you refuse to take action and keep waiting for the government and other leaders to provide you with a job, no matter whether you are qualified or not. Education is what you need, but in stead of participation to the maximum, you prefer to sit idly and wait for your Messiah.

These words are not the first message; they have sounded and resounded for ages.

I feel bad for political leaders who have the best of intentions but are unable to accomplish anything. Their mistake is that they also believe in the Messiah and a new beginning.

Believe me; you are the beginning of the change you are so desperately wishing!!!

By Jacob Gelt Dekker
Columnist for Curaçao Chronicle

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