Published On: Mon, Jun 30th, 2014

200 accommodations do not pay room tax

RoomWILLEMSTAD - More than 200 accommodations in Curaçao do not pay room tax. This is according to the former chairman of Curacao Apartments & Small Hotels Association, Rudy Valter and also the director of Curaçao Tourism Board, Hugo Clarinda.

Both tourism officials indicate that many large hotels are losing customers because of these smaller accommodations. According to Valter, this problem has been playing for years and it is difficult to control. Examples include houses and apartments in the Jan Thiel area (east side of the island), much of which are booked in the Netherlands.

The Curacao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA) is completely against the fact that there are accommodations that are not paying this room tax. CHATA’s position on this issue is that these accommodations must abide by the law. According to the CHATA’s president, Mrs. Lisa Dindial, there is a law that stipulates that these hotels must pay room tax and they have to comply with it.

CHATA has requested a meeting with the Minister of Finance to discuss possible solutions to this problem. There are different scenarios. One of them is to deal with the situation before the constitutional changes of 2010 and the situation after that year. There must be a solution for the situation before 2010, but it has been decided that after 2010 there can be no exception for anyone. Everyone must pay the room tax.

Mr. Hugo Clarinda explains that it is the Tax Department that is in charge with collecting the room tax. These funds will then go to the Tourism Office (CTB). During a meeting with the Tax Collector, CTB gets a chance to see who pays the room tax and who doesn’t. Mr. Clarinda says that he has to recognize that there are those who are not complying with this payment. But on the other hand, Mr. Clarinda also says that this year the payment behavior has become better. The payment is about 30% more than previous years.

According to Mr. Clarinda, the problem must be solved together with the Minister of Finance. Those who have not paid the room tax can reach an agreement with the Tax Collector.

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