Published On: Mon, Nov 27th, 2017

411.4 million US dollars generated from Tourism in the first ten months

Double-digit growth from North America in October 2017.

CTBWILLEMSTAD - The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) reports a direct impact of $ 411.4 million US dollars that have been generated for the local economy from January through October 2017. A total direct impact of 54.1% is generated from European visitors who are responsible for $ 222.6 million US dollars. Last year Europeans were responsible for $ 215.7 million US dollars, a 3% increase. From North America, an increase of 6% is calculated in terms of direct economic impact. North Americans are responsible for $ 89.4 million US dollars in the first ten months of 2017, last year they contributed with $ 84.7 million US dollars. The South American and other regions generated respectively $ 74.1 and $ 25.3 million US dollars this year. In 2016 the South American and other regions generated respectively $ 87.4 and $ 28.2 million US dollars. The total spending per visitor derives from the number of nights spent on the island. Both European and North American visitors are staying longer on the island; this reflects back in their contribution to the local economy.

325.141 stayover visitors were welcomed in Curaçao in the first ten months of 2017. Last year we counted 367.337 stayover visitors over the same period, a decrease of 11%. Despite the double-digit negative stayover arrivals performance during the first ten months, we continue to see a slight decrease of 2% in visitor nights spent on the island.  In total visitors spent 2.915.889 nights in Curaçao.

64% of the visitors nights spent are from European visitors, representing 1.864.375 nights from the region from January through October 2017. In total, an increase of 3% visitor nights is registered from European visitors. From North America, the visitor nights also increased by 5%. A total of 437.381 nights are registered in the first ten months.

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